POLIOPIA | The Poliartistic Festival

The poliartistic festival to experiment with the different shades of grey.

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POLIOPIA | The Poliartistic Festival

Poliopia is a Poliartistic festival that will show to the audience the existence of multiple views and aspects together in one content.

The audience will understand this topic going through different artistic performances such as film exhibitions, with short and long movies from different filmmakers, photography exposition from the artist Isea Karsli (Italy), and a private music concert from Edoardo Vella (Italy.)

Because of the pandemic and the fact that people cannot enjoy the presence events in the city, we decided to move the festival on digital, being involved with what is happening in the cultural sector during these days.

We invite you to help us to develop this festival and join us during 16, 17, and 18 of October on our website https://poliopiafr.wixsite.com/poliopia and enjoy at home!

We are five candidates to an MBA in Art and Cultural Management, at IESA Art & Culture school, in Paris, and Poliopia is our final project to get our diploma. This full female team, composing by five cultural managers, is interested to help emerging artists reach more visibility in the artistic scene. We are from different nations and cultures, Morocco, Italy, China, and Chile, but we understand that art could be a worldwide common language.

To have more information about POLIOPIA, save the date and visit our website: https://poliopiafr.wixsite.com/poliopia

Waar dient de collecte voor

The money that we will go to race through this campaign there will help us to reach new and more audiences by social media investments. Also, printing posters to announce the festival and the fact that it will be digital. And since it is going to be digital, part of the foundation will be to pay the domain of the website to be able to race money though a “donate bottom“ to support our artists.

- 15€ Will help us invest in one social media announcement.

- 50€ Will help us to print posters.

- 75€ Will help us to buy the website domain!

- 200€ Will allow us to develop the hole marketing campaign!

Thank you very much for your colaboration!

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