Polpettas On Paper - issue #ZERO

Interviews, photos, travels, colours. Inspiring stories of our generation in a trilingual art magazine. Be part of our journey!

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Polpettas On Paper - issue #ZERO

After almost 4 years present on the web and a lot of people met on the road, Polpettas Mag is ready to put on real paper its beautiful stories. Our first printed issue, Polpettas On Paper issue #ZERO, is dedicated to highlight some of our greatest features ever along with original contents, halfway between an interview collection and a well curated art book.









There are many worlds to tell, so many lives, and an undefined number of creations, more or less artistic. And behind all this, there are people, people who believe in what they do, doing their best. This is why Polpettas Mag was born: from the pages of www.polpettas.com we proudly offer you deep interviews sincerely told by their protagonists, full of inspiration and passion, and presented with a minimalist design, to give you the chance to discover all the beauty of contemporary creativity. We virtually travelled around all the art branches: architecture, design, illustration, music, photography and much more, taking you every time to experience the magic of toy design, the boldness of gorgeous street artists, the emotion of a cover book made by a young illustrator.









Now we are ready to be carried into your library! And in your bag, your backpack, everywhere, and every time you need some fresh air and some wonderful inspiration.

Because our stories deserve a proper format to be enjoyed at their best. And what about the experience of touching with hand old style paper magazine? We believe in the magic of flicking through the pages and just being pleasantly surprised!


Polpettas On Paper is a unique biannual publication in three languages: English, Spanish and Italian.

Unlike other magazines dealing with art and culture, Polpettas' approach is never technical but always emotional. Porous, pure and minimal, with page-turner stories that will make you happy of meeting new good friends.


- 214 pages of 100% awesome content

- Texts in English, Spanish and Italian

- A 17x24 format

- Release date : October 2015

- Available on our online shop and soon in selected bookshops and selected concept-stores. 


















In this issue #ZERO we'll bring you original stories and interviews exclusively created by our network of contributors from all over Europe, along with some of our favorite Polpettas interviews.


• We’ll show you the peculiar point of view of BOM + Internoconcucina about food;

• we’ll take you to Porto for a sentimental journey;

• we’ll make you discover the electronic music scene through the eyes of a young Italian musician.


These are just some of our appealing contents, we’re sure to impress you with much more: fashion stories, design selections and photography narrations.











Writers, photographers, translators, graphic designers and illustrators: contributors but above all friends. These are the AMAZING PEOPLE that helped us and made real our project: Aixa Alonso Gallo, Alessandra Barlassina, Alessandra Isoldi, Alessandra Vianello, Alice Avallone, Alice Spadaro, Anna Mainenti, Anna Mezzasalma, Daniel Paida Larsen, Francesco Marconcini, Gregorio Adezati, Katja Nuorvala, Mariavittoria Soldi, Paloma Linés, Pepe Larraz, Silvia Rossi, Valentina Raffaelli, Valentina Zardini, Valeria Crescenzi.


To all of them, many many THANKS!


Waar dient de collecte voor

We did our best to give life to a magazine full of interviews, photos, stories, travels and colors, and now it’s your turn: what can you do for us?


To bring to reality our great adventure and to complete our project, we need 6000 euros. This amount will allow us to finance the printing and distribution of the magazine and also takes into consideration the rewards that we prepared for all of you that will help and support us.








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SPECIAL OFFER LAST 48H. Get a printed copy of Polpettas On Paper issue #ZERO and a A4 ORIGINAL WATERCOLOUR ILLUSTRATION of Porto by the tremendous artist Pepe Larraz.
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