Polysémies, un livre autour de l'œuvre d'Hélène Duclos

You too support the print adventure of Hélène Duclos's first book # Print & Digital # june 2014

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Polysémies, un livre autour de l'œuvre d'Hélène Duclos



A book to understand what takes place during the creative process.

A tool to make known this art work to art professionals, institutions, museums, and art galeries, in France and abroad.

An introduction to set the subject among the artist's territories :

Hélène Duclos is a researcher.

This is the very simple origin of the project.




This book intends to present the artist's researchs and is considered to help the spread of this very particular and prolific art work. It is also and mainly dedicated to art collectors to whom you are part of : you'll be kindly invited to discover the paintings, the drawings and the embroideries all along the printed book. And you'll surely be charmed by the rich art work and the diversity of all the explored territories*.



*A word or an expression is polysemous when it has at least two different meanings. In French, territory is polysemous.









During the fund raising, the artist whishes to perform an original and participative art piece. Polysémies will be coming from your financial words contributions and the artist's brain. Please send a keyword to Hélène Duclos (contact@helene-duclos.fr), related or not to her works, all languages accepted (except names and surnames).


She will perform a limited printed and monochrome graphic piece of art, an undoubtedly polysmous one ! Please enjoy and be creative : Hélène Duclos is a challenging artist ! This art performance will be done after the fund raising and silk-screen printed. It is one of the counterpart, here on the right.








... takes a BIG place in our hearts, the editorial team bets on the future : we love Hélène Duclos's art works and those art pieces have to be shown.


This project started also from the artist's strong will to share her creative process and the graphist designer intention to realise a what we call Beau Livre in French in total accordance with Hélène Duclos spirit. It's also and finally the publisher will to perform the BObook Publishing House first book around an artistic universe she loves and wants to share.


We definitely need you to achieve this project with the fervent wish to embark you on this exciting adventure.








Hélène Duclos www.helene-duclos.fr


Thierry Delcourt, unpublished text http://thierry.delcourt.over-blog.com/

Jean-Daniel Mohier, interview with Hélène Duclos


François Gaillard, graphic designer www.lhommequitremble.com


Philippe Petiot, photographer


Valérie Vandeputte, Les Éditions BObook, bobookeditions.blogspot.fr


The BObook Publishing House is in charge of the printed and digital books. The printed book is designed to be seen also as a graphic object : both inside designed and manufacturing ways. The paper layout will serve the digital one which will be enhanced with many more art visuals and bonus.









Printed book

1 000 copies

20 x 28 cm

Perfectly bound book

One colored soft flexible cover

Two colored second cover

128 pages

Art visuals on Tatami paper 150 gm2 from Fedrigoni 96 pages

Texts on 32 Offset paper pages light grey (Fr) and light green (En)

50 art visuals from 2009 to 2013

French-English bilingual book


Digital book

80 art visuals from 2009 to 2013

For iPad & Android

French-English bilingual digital book

Bonus Bestiary & Characters details







The publication is planned to next spring.


Thanks to the art galeries who work with Hélène Duclos and are supporting the project, seven events will take place in Paris, Clermond-Ferrand, Marsiac, Morgat, Lyon, Tours and Crest. We already and warmly do thank them.


Waar dient de collecte voor

The funds will only be used for the book to be print.

Let's say that if we get more, we do more : nicer cover, many much more books printed and so on.


We have an unbelievable and clear quality requirement !

Be sure we'll take an absolute care of your contributions.


Regarding to the counterparts :

• We set to one side 100 deluxe edition books : limited signed and numbered books including an original piece of art (paintings, engravings, embroideries and oil paints on paper and canvas).

• The art pieces of the counterparts are the recent ones (2013). It won't be possible to choose them. The formats are given for reference only. They may change a little.


The desired amount includes :

• The print and the manufacturing of the books : 7250 €

• Silk-screen printing of Polysémies, the original and participative art piece : 200 €

• A part of the shipment costs : 1550 €


The desired amount does not includes :

• The true value of the counterparts (prices you get in the art galeries)

• The banking and KissBanking fees : 720 €



Very warm and enthusiastic thanks for your attention and your supports.



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