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Igor Stanislas: Vocals, piano, guitars

Emmanuel MacManus: Guitars, mandolin

Claire Gristwood: Lyrics + backing vocals

Alain Bidotnaude: Drum

Philippe Jeoffroy: Drums

Philippe Henner: Bass

Nastasia De Geer: Backing vocals





Following on from our 2013 album 'Dig for Victory' (CD and vinyl)

we released a pro-environmental activist musical contribution towards COP21 events in Paris at the end of 2014 year in the form of the three-track EP'Disappearing World'






The start of 2016 saw our band members Igor Stanislas, Manu MacManus and lyricist Claire Gristwood back at the studio continuing work on a new album, accompanied by drummer-percussionists Alain Bidotnaude "The Greez" and Philippe Jeoffroy, and by Philippe Henner on bass - several tracks already complete and mastered in the UK by Pete Maher. 

This new album is to include seven indie, sometimes progressive, rock tracks recorded at Studio Poptones in Paris with J-C Versari and in the south of France and mixed by Kutch at Quicksilver in St Jean de Luz - two of which, further to the conscious decision to go beyond more traditional track-length barriers, are more instrumental and cinematic.  

The next steps will be to get to work with a sound engineer on mixing these two longer tracks, to master four, then find a way of exempting ourselves from the irritating additional SDRM fee charged in France for pressing records!  

And so we turn to you and your passion for music in the hope of your financial support.....          

For your interest here are one or two extracts:










With an obvious nostalgia for vinyl plus a firm belief in its sustainability and incomparable sound transmission quality, our plan is for the album to be released on vinyl with a digital download coupon.

  (See album cover work in progress below.) 




We've so far been lucky enough to have had the invaluable help of a number of artist/photographer/designer volunteers but it's a tall order trying to achieve one's goals relying solely on people being available and willing to help without being paid.  So here we are, giving things a try with Kiss Kiss Bank Bank and hoping for your support.    



  WE NEED YOU NOW-(official)  


COUNTRY BOY-(official)



Here are some of the bands  and composers who put IGOR AND THE HIPPIE LAND on the right path and made us what we are today:  The Beatles, The band, Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, Midlake,The Pink Floyd, David Bowie, The Who, Pearl Jam, Carole king, Nick Drake, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Paul Mac Cartney, The Wings, The Clash, The Beach boys, Bruce Springsteen, Carole King, Blue Oster Cult, The Doors, The Who, Jerry Garcia,  folk music  60's, 70's, Classic Rock. Pearl Jam, Alice in chains, Fleet Foxes, English, Americans songwriters,  Classical composers, Beethoven, Wagner, Schubert, Litsz, Prokofiev, Mussorgsky, Satie, Debussy, Ravel.Philip Glass Ennio Morricone.


Hier dient het geld voor...

Any funding will allow us to go ahead with the following towards the completion of the new album :

-  the mixing of remaining two tracks plus mastering - July/August 2016

- album pressing plus manufacture of support material (t-shirts, badges, posters) - September/October

- album release - end November, beginning of December 2016




                                                                                    COST INCLUDING TAX

mixing  -   two remaining tracks                           =500 euros mastering  - four tracks (3 already done)           =   40 euros per track  therefore x 4

                                                                                       =  160 euros 

pressing and manufacture of 300 vinyl LPs with mp3 digital download coupon

                                                                                      = 1,418.69 euros 

SDRM (Société pour l'adminsitration du droit de reproduction) fee                                                                      

                                                                                       =   400 euros approx

Promotional material

           tee shirt                                                                 =  100 euros 

           badges x 50                                                           =   18 euros             


                                                                     TOTAL        =  2,596.69 euros or


                                                                            2 010.51569 pounds or 2 905.43644 dollars US



ENGLISH BIO Indie rock band IGOR AND THE HIPPIE LAND first kicked off as a duo in Paris, France in 2010 consisting of long-term friends Igor Stanislas and Emmanuel McManus, their principal influences a mainly 60s-70s mix of Mc5 meets The Beatles and The Beach Boys meets Led Zeppelin, along with key elements of both punk and grunge movements and the... Meer bekijken

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Hâte d'écouter un super album !
Hâte d'écouter un super album !
Hello Manu et Igor ! Je viens d'apporter ma modeste pierre à l'édifice. Si l'album est de la teneur de Disapearing World, je ne regretterai certainement pas mon investissement ; ) Bises et vivement l'album. Signé : l'ex-batteur de Printemps Urbain.