FAST’s first album !

FAST is a heavy rock band. The album is expected to be released in 2022.

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FAST’s first album !

FAST’s first album ! Goal: €4,000 Contributions: €10: MP3 download €15: CD album €25 and over: vinyl record About the project FAST is a heavy rock band, founded in 2018 by five musicians in Concarneau, Brittany. FAST writes original songs, inspired by various influences. Following the great “FAST Summer Tour” in 2019, the year 2020 put the band’s projects on hold, as for the rest of the artistic world… Yet, FAST bounced back and jumped into this first album project. The 9 tracks of this first album: Songs written in English, in which the authors address today’s world, with humour, poetry and a pinch of irony. Punchy tunes, a unique voice, matched with two guitars, a bass guitar and drums. An album that mixes 1970s influences with those of today. You will also hear an acoustic creation, for a different vibe. This first album was put in pre-production during winter 2021. For each of the 9 tracks, the arrangements have been perfected by the band. Produced in “Studios du Moros”, the recording and mixing of the album were put in the hands of Christophe Runarvot – also a band member of Sonerien Du, Spoom and Bacano) and his "Moving stud". The album is expected to be released in 2022. If you are not familiar with online payments, you may also support us with bank cheques (to “Freedom Asso”, indicating the purchased item), to be sent to the following address: Association « Freedom Asso » 59TER, avenue Kergoat Al Lez 29000 Quimper The FAST band members are: Arnaud, vocals Mathis, drums and vocals Laurent, lead guitar Vincent, bass guitar Gilles, rhythm guitar and vocals

Allocation of funds

Here is the album’s planned production budget. We are handling part of the funding ourselves, through the organization Freedom Asso. Your participation to the production will help us make this album in the best of conditions: Recording, mixing and mastering: €1600 SDRM Copyrights: €800 CD pressing: €400 Record pressing: €1200 Who is carrying out this project ? Freedom Asso 59TER, avenue Kergoat Al Lez 29000 Quimper Freedom Asso is a non-profit organisation. It functions without any subsidy funding, nor grants from any professional agencies. This organisation is FAST’s support. It allows the fee-pooling of the technicians involved in this project, and the partial self-funding of the band’s projects. Being financially independent guarantees FAST’s total creative freedom, which is very valuable to us. We are thankful for your collaboration and your interest in FAST’s first album project.🙂


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