Premier recueil de Musiquempathies

Every human being is a master piece of art! The musicempathies are musical pieces that I compose most often intuitively at the piano ...

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Premier recueil de Musiquempathies

Every human being is a master piece of art!

The musicempathies are musical pieces that I compose most often intuitively at the piano ...


In this video, you will find an overview of my universe and different musicempathie ...



The person is seat next to me and I let my hands intuitively move and caress the piano at the rhythm of the melodies, and harmonies that are inspired by our meeting.


I am a classical composer, and like a composer of film music, I depict the feelings and the history of the person who entrusts me his intention for this music that belongs to him.


I started to compose musicempathies in 2016, and I would like to make a first album with some of them, so that they could in turn inspire other people, and resonate with their own beauty.


Here is an musical example made this year for a young girl. In considering of what she had just gone through, we had agreed on the intention of celebration for this music, to celebrate the path she had traveled in her recent life ...


(For example, the angelic symbolism of the video is chosen according to the intention for which it was composed)



And the musical water ...

Do you know that water has memory? I was in May in the offices of the famous Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto. I advise you to discover the photos that it has taken in frozen water, famous throughout the world, that show the heart's intelligence of water. Water is very sensitive to music, and keeps in it the intention it contains. So I created water of all kinds with the musicempaties. Do not hesitate to ask me to discover more about this wonderful universe!




Masaru Emoto discovered that it is Love and Gratitude that gives the water these most beautiful letters of nobility. It is therefore with enormous Love and Gratitude that I thank you for your confidence!



Waar dient de collecte voor

I ask for your help, and thanks to you the musicmpathies can be born in the form of an album.

The music is ready! It only remains to produce them!

With the collection 100 or more albums will be able to be produced through the platform (

Through this, I and the people for whom these music have been dedicated will have the immense joy and gratitude to see these musics of intangible inspirations joining a material sharing support!

With more money collected, more albums will be produced, from 500 albums, count 750 €, it is possible to resort to pressing, which guarantees a longer lifespan to the support. (Https://

Finally with more contributions, it will be possible to put on the album online on the platforms of music diffusion (Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music ...) it costs about $ 49 (

These funds will be paid directly into my personal account to produce this album. If the amount collected exceeds what is expected and what is needed, each penny will be used to make the waters of each of the music that I will present at the Holistica in Geneva 22 to 24 september with the album and even a collection of score of the album if enough funds are gathered!

It is with all my love and gratitude that I thank you in advance for making it possible for me and for those to whom I dedicated these musics ...

And if the next album of musicmpathy contained a music that would be dedicated to you? What do you think ?

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