Production d'un CD/DVD de la captation "live" du concert de Gerado Di Giusto à l'Héliotrope d'Orliénas (69-France)

Help launch the label and financing of the CD + DVD package "live" concert Gerardo Di Giusto - planned release: November 2015

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Production d'un CD/DVD de la captation "live" du concert de Gerado Di Giusto à l'Héliotrope d'Orliénas (69-France)

La Grange à Sons is a young associative Phonographic Production Label, born in 2013, from a human adventure between musicians and sound technicians. An history of links, passions around music and happy encounters.


Geraldine Allemand, (Chrysalide des Arts Association) initiated the meeting between Gilles Dutrève (la Grange à Sons) and the pianist, composer, arranger: Gerardo Di Giusto. Together they organized this concert at the Heliotrope in Orliénas.


During that evening, Gerardo Di Giusto swirled the breath of his special Jazz, in a room full of warm and enthusiastic spectators.

This great pianist delights us with his melodies, his rhythms and his humanity. From the Argentine folklore (his home country), through the Classical, to a generous, accessible and colorful Jazz. Gerardo Di Giusto  gives us the shivers in bringing together various musical cultures




The sensitive interpretation of Gerardo Di Giusto is perfectly expressed in the natural acoustics of this hall suited to his instrument and to the spirit of its audience. It is in such places, where the musician feels and hears himself  well, where the public and the artist clearly perceive each other, that the musician expresses the best of himself and his art.


Associating  a sound recording quality and a discreet and effective image capture  is a way of prolonging  the magic of the evening.

It also give the opportunity to share this unique interpretation with a new audience that could not attend the concert.


YouTube movie that introduces this presentation allows you to discover the quality of Gerardo ‘s interpretation of "Lucero", and the quality of the capture made by La Grange a Sons team. Other interpretations, as different as varied, will be in the CD + DVD package that we will produce and broadcast, with your help.


Gerardo Di Giusto, on this occasion, plays his compositions on a stage very close to the public. This configuration allows a fully acoustic listening and a faithful sound capture .

 Philippe Mouisset (CAPTA Son) made this capture.




Image capture was provided by director Pascal Bellemin Bertaz  and four of his cronies who joined us on this project. From a multi-axis,  high definition video capture, this editorial project linking music to the image was born.


For La Grange à Sons,  producing music which can be seen is also a must to face the decline of CD.




The CD + DVD box set (3 pocket flaps and double tray in CD format) we would like to produce is a formula proven by other artists, in which the DVD is a bonus rewarding and reinforcing the CD . The bassist Renaud Garcia Fons, Hadouk Trio, and other artists ... used this principle of capturing a "live" concert to give to hear and see their music. The DVD is the companion CD as it makes the listening captive in the natural acoustic environment of the original provision and allows real access to the emotion of the concert.



Waar dient de collecte voor

The aim of this gathering is to enable the realization of the CD + DVD package.


The overall budget of the operation is € 20,000 Euro

It is distributed as follows:

- performer remuneration: 10%

- Capture and Image , Light: 40%

- Capture and  Sound: 12%

- General Board, organization and promotion costs, duplication: 38%




To balance these costs of production we will need:

- either to distribute  1000 sets 20 €/each 

- or 2000 sets via classical distribution ;  in this case, the distributor takes a margin.


In fact, we will mix the two by combining direct sales and classical or alternative distribution.


Today, our Label combines three handicaps:

1- we are in deployment phase and thus in lack of cash

2- we cannot count on institutional grants available for other labels as we have not produced enough album yet.

3- we are not yet recognized by distributors, who, for many of them, are going very badly !  


Until then, most of the production costs were provided by the operation's protagonists.

They bet on the good distribution of this CD+ DVD box set and expect a fair compensation for their time and equipment investment .

It is a co-production between all partners of this operation ... including  Gerardo Di Giusto who  played this concert for free.




We obviously aim at distributing as many as possible of these sets. Direct distribution (the artist himself during his concerts -  Internet and social networks) is a real alternative to the current decline of traditional distribution. It allows to compensate artists and all actors of the production in sharing revenue in proportion to their contribution.




To start this economy and make the necessary buzz, we have  to finalize the set and to cover core costs that are:

- € 1,200 rights SACEM / SDRM to settle for permission to duplicate CD in 1000 and 1000 DVD

- € 2,400 Package CD + DVD duplication costs in 1000 copies

- € 1,000 for entertainment expenses for official launch party and to create buzz

- € 800 for living expenses, travel, promotional, various technical costs

- € 400 KissKissBankBank commission and financial charges


A  target of € 5,800 to be collected ... at least ....!


Should we collect up to € 9000 collection, we could be able to edit 2,000 copies (€ 1,200 SACEM / SDRM and € 1,000 extra in duplicate)  improve the promotion and distribution of the disc, particularly in countries where Gerardo Di Giusto performs many concerts: Argentina, Japan, ...


It’s up to you to help us  to achieve this great adventure ..., depending on your means, on counterparties  we can offer you and your desire to promote live music we love and the musicians who play !




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