Local development and social responsibility project in Ecuadorian Amazonia

Help us to highlight the kichwa culture of the Amazon rainforest !

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Local development and social responsibility project in Ecuadorian Amazonia


The Yasuni national park, in equatorian amazonian rainforest, is the cradle of a huge biodiversity: within this exceptional environment this project is focused on the kichwa culture, one of the indigenous ancestral culture. 




Our project is an initiative of local development and intercultural exchange. The main goal is the valorization of the kichwa culture and the sensibilization around respect and protection of the environment among different actors, such as locals or external people. All this through ecologic, responsible and aware vision and tools.


The Ecological Indillama Yaku project consists in different ideas :


- Responsible trade and fairtrade

Realization of a fairtrade with local agricultural products and natural traditional handcrafting.

It's about valorization the kichwa expertise with natural products and raw materials of Amazonia.

We also have a chothes brand, Laran, with designs representing Amazonia and the kichwa culture which we would like to comercialize in order to transmit our values.




  - Environmental awareness: Sensibilization around the concept of sustainable development, the respect and protection of the environment beside all of the project's actors.


Here it's about exposing the environmental issues of the rainforest, lung of the earth. Also, sensitize to the preservation of the Pacha Mama, thanks to the implementation of formation for Yasuni's native families, promoting a more respectfull and healthier daily life. 


The tropical rainforest houses a lot of human-being and is the source of the physiological needs of many people living here. A connection between Human and Nature is essential, and allows a healthier life. Indeed, our idea is to sensitize and bring knowledge about risks relied to this way of life. Today, infant mortality still exist due to bad alimentary habits.  

On a long-term vision, the idea of the project is to implement ecological constructions, like dry toilets or a purified rainwater recovery system. Water is a vital topic and we want to respond to the urgency and gravity of the situation through this project.

In addition, an initiation to the chakra (model of traditional kichwa permaculture) is carried out. This model is based on self-management and self-sufficiency. The idea is also  to develop activities around chakra thanks to knowledge exchange.




- Responsible tourism : Welcoming visitors who are adventurous and curious to discover the Amazonia and Kichwa culture in a simple and responsible way, based on Nature and its respect.

We propose a program based on 4 days, customizable according to the wish of visitors on the activities:

- Discovery and appreciation of Kichwa culture : accommodation in a traditional house, cultural exchange with locals, knowledge sharing, discovery of the food habits, cultural workshops

- Observation of fauna and flora : Stay and walk in the heart of the rainforest, entry into the Amazon with the greatest respect

- Nocturnal gataways : Discovery of the forest and its inhabitants more or less tiny at night

- Traditional fishing

- Canoe trips





Who are we ?  


Victor COQUINCHE CALAPUCHA: Author of the idea, he initiated the project as part of his studies in 2013. He is also the manager and the treasurer.

In 2014, the project a family scale, in addition to the latter two other founder members are:  


Gerardo COQUINCHE ANDY : Victor's father, a native of the Kichwa community Pompeya in Yasuni, joined the project in 2014. He is the field intermediary and the link between the head office in Sangolqui (which is on the periphery of Quito , the capital), and the local Amazonian Kichwa communities with whom we work.  


Ophélie MESTRE : Victor's fiancée. She was instrumental in developing the idea in 2014, is co-manager and vice-president of the project. She is in charge of social responsibility, communication, and is responsible for human resources. Thus, she manages the supervision and the follow-up of the trainees / volunteers.  


Why this project ?


Yasuni National Park is an incomparable biodiversity. Unfortunately, the oil companies have spotted the black gold present on the territory a few years ago. Yasuni is spread over 982,000 hectares, containing the equivalent of 846 million barrels of crude oil, accounting for no less than one-fifth of the country's oil reserves. At the same time, it houses 696 varieties of birds, 2,274 trees, 382 fish, 169 mammals or 121 reptiles, one of the largest concentrations of species in the world !






We work in cooperation with local communities, our main objective remaining the valorization of their culture and their ancestral knowledge. As a non profit association, we commit ourselves to reinvest the profits generated within our local development projects to the daily harmony of local Kichwa families.



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Curious ?


For more information, we invite you to visit our Facebook page :



Or contact us by email :



A thank you for your kind consideration and in advance for your generosity!


Waar dient de collecte voor

Ophélie MESTRE, co-manager, will receive the all fund-raising to finance the status of association in Ecuador.


Thus, the goal is to gain the status of association needed for the success of the project. We need 4000$ to achieve it, which is equivalent to 3524€.

The status of association will make us able to develop our activity, make more tours, and so bring a more efficient and significative help to the kichwa community. 


To reach 4000$, we count on :


   - The establishment of a clothes brand named Laran


   - The development of a fair trade based on local products (vanilla, gwayusa, quinoa).


   - Our Tours


However, generate the integrality of this amount only through those activities represent a very long and difficult process.

The achievement of the fixed objective through this collect will be a considerable help to land the project to the association status and so to increase significantly it's visibility. We hope for that status in August 2017.

If by chance we go over our goal of 3000$, we'll first use the surplus to fill the gap that separate us from the amout of 4000$ and consequently from the acquisition of the status. Then, our priority will be the enhancement of our visitors infrastructures.  

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