@-quartet: the second album !

After a first eponym album, the @-quartet comes back for a new recording, and asks for your help.

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@-quartet: the second album !

The @-quartet (pronounce « at quartet »: @ as in @coustic) is a formation created by Jazz guitarist, singer and composer Didier Verna in 2006.



Equipped with an exceptional rythm section (Guillaume Naud on piano, Gilles Naturel on double-bass and David Georgelet on drums), the first album of this formation, produced the same year, was offering a repertoire of 9 original compositions and was unanimously acclaimed by the critics, as illustrated by press excerpts below.


I hear a well articulate playing, in the tradition, masterized. -- Alex Dutilh (Jazz Man)


Didier Verna plays indeed straight ahead Jazz clearly influenced by Pat Metheny from whom he has the roundness of sound and the limpidity of phrases [...] -- Citizen Jazz


In short, Verna is a force of nature. -- All about Jazz


Talk about leaving an impression... Didier Verna is a jazz guitarist dealing in melodic & harmonic invention. His Metheny-esque improvisational delivery is compromising, intellectual, non rigorous with a superb technique, connected with an extraordinary command of his music. In fact Verna's music is brilliantly interpreted & compelling in it's content. His music portrays images & sounds of his influences which have been by default... Quiite positive! -- eJazzNews


@-Quartet is a great example of what contemporary jazz should be. [...] These nine compositions are fresh, melodically challenging and engaging. -- Contemporary Jazz Magazine


This CD definitely has a full time sound. You'd think that these guys have been on the road for years -- their sound is that tight and complimentary. Definitely a great addition to any jazz collection. -- Indie Music


We listened to it in the car, and it makes a lovely background music. -- My mother-in-law



Recently, the group's repertoire got enriched with 11 new and entirely original compositions. The personel also changed by half: we now have Laurent Epstein on piano and Yoni Zelnik on the double-bass, two of the most important figures of the Parisian Jazz scene. Add to that a huge work on sound, notably by the use of fretless and synth guitars... All in all, an ambitious repertoire only asking to reach the public's heart!


Here are a couple of demos of new songs that will appear on the album (stay tuned for updates!).





The next album will be called « Roots and (then he) Leaves ». Help this poor electro-acoustic nylon synth-access fretless guitar to not remain all alone against her tree. Help us produce the 2nd album of the @-quartet!


Waar dient de collecte voor

The collected funds will serve to partially finance the production of the album, the remainder being self-supported.


Depending on the amount actually raised, some parameters of the project will likely be adjusted (choice of the studio(s) fpr recording, mixing and mastering, CD boxes type etc.).


Approximate budget:

Recording (2 days): 1500€

Mixing: 700€

Mastering: 500€

CD manufacturing (500 CD): 1200€


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