Rally Raid Humanitaire 4L Trophy 2020 - Entr'aide et Raid

Come aboard with us for the 4L Trophy 2020! France's biggest humanitarian rally-raid at the wheel of a Renault 4L.

Project visual Rally Raid Humanitaire 4L Trophy 2020 - Entr'aide et Raid
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Rally Raid Humanitaire 4L Trophy 2020 - Entr'aide et Raid

<p>For more than 20 years, the 4L Trophy has been offering young people from all over the world the opportunity to take part in a human, sporting and solidarity adventure that is unique in Europe.</p> <p>In 2017, the 4L Trophy has become an unmissable student event whose reputation continues to grow. In 2017, the 4L Trophy brought together more than 1,500 crews for an unforgettable 10-day journey on the roads of France and Spain and on the tracks of Morocco, to revive the myth of the 4L.</p> <p>The route, which starts in Biarritz, covers nearly 6,500 kilometres, with an arrival in Marrakech in the line of sight.</p> <p>Before crossing the finish line, the students have to take up many challenges, from setting up the project, preparing the vehicle and their humanitarian action, to discovering the Moroccan desert. There is no room for speed in this raid, since to win, the crews will first have to showcase their orientation skills with the reading of a roadbook, and then their ability to help each other overcome the obstacles on the track!</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>Without a car, it&#39;s impossible to participate.&nbsp;The objective being above all to cross the finish line, the choice of vehicle and its preparation are important imperatives to be taken into account.</p> <p>However, the notoriety of the 4L Trophy has profoundly altered the reputation of the famous Renault 4L on the second-hand market.</p> <p>In order to reduce the preparation time so that we can devote ourselves fully to the search for partners, we have opted for a reliable vehicle in good condition.</p> <p>For this we need to gather a budget and we are looking for partners to support us, please do not hesitate to contact us.</p> <p>For companies who want to sponsor us, please send an email to: augustin@froissard.net.</p>


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