Ralph Lavital & Laurent Coq - BWA

Guitar player Ralph Lavital & piano player Laurent Coq are back with a new band and a new album entitled BWA (wood in Creole).

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Ralph Lavital & Laurent Coq - BWA

For many years, Ralph Lavital and Laurent Coq have produced a very personal and familiar music on their albums (Laurent Coq’s Dialogue in 2013 and Ralph Lavital's Carnaval in 2017) and during their numerous concerts in France, Africa and United States.

With BWA, they share the leadership equally and have penned a new book of compositions and lyrics that puts vocals at the forefront. Nicolas Pélage, their faithul companion, is the guest singer on three songs, while Ralph Lavital —whose confidence has a singer has grown since Carnaval —sings on three others.

To share this adventure, they brought in two very active young musicians on the French scene: electric bassist Swaéli Mbappé, son of legendary Camerounian bassist Etienne Mbappé, and Tilo Bertholo who previosuly recorded with them on Carnaval.

In the midst of the December snow, these four gentlemen gathered at the Maison des Artistes in Chamonix (Alpes, France), to arrange and record the pianist (here on Fender Rhodes) and the guitarist’s newest compositions. Then, last June, they flew to New York to mix their album with the amazing sound engineer Dave Darlington who mixed Carnaval and Laurent Coq's last trio album, Kinship.

Ralph Lavital & Laurent Coq

1. Tandem (Laurent Coq)
2. Kouri (Laurent Coq / Nicolas Pelage)
3. Sa Ki Sav (Ralph Lavital / Jann Beaudry)
4. Maurice (Ralph Lavital / Jann Beaudry)
5. Mr V.J. (Laurent Coq)
6. Mwen Two Kontan (Laurent Coq / Nicolas Pelage)
7. Zanmi (Ralph Lavital)
8. Playdate (Laurent Coq)
9. Johanne (Laurent Coq)
10. Padoné Yo (Ralph Lavital / Nicolas Pelage)

Recorded at Maison des Artistes (Chamonix, France) on December 21st and 22nd, 2017 by Nicolas Falque | Mixing and mastering by Dave Darlington at Bass Hit Recording Studio (NYC) on June 9th, 2018.  

Produced by Ralph Lavital and Laurent Coq

"A beautiful album, sophisticated and smart, with writing and playing of the highest caliber. Give it listen…Or a few in a row, like I did. It’s one of those records you'll want to keep going back to."

Miguel Zenón


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At this moment, the album has been recorded, mixed and mastered, which means there are only a few steps left before it sees the light (and your player). To complete the final round, they need your help !

With the advent of streaming platforms and the new listening habits that have developed from them, modes of producing music have had to adapt quickly, particulary for music genres— like Jazz — that do not get a lot of coverage by mainstream media. Many labels have had to stop their activities, requiring musicians to find new ways to finance their projects. Using crowdfunding as a way to pursue their journey, Ralph and Laurent hope to gather a community of progressive and forward thinking music fans who are drawn to the idea of having a direct connection to the artists. This is what this campaign is all about.


Your donations will pay for ;

SDRM (composer and editor copyrights) : 1000 €

- Those who contribute to the cover design ; graphic designer and photographer : 900 €

- manufacturing the album (1000 CDs) : 1200 €

- a plublicist that will work at promoting this music : 1500 €

- postal fees for all the CDs shipping to our backers : 500 €

- KissKissBankBank comissions (7%): 400 €


All the funds collected by Ralph and Laurent with this campaign will go 100% to BWA's project (excepted for KissKissBankBank commisions).

WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF.... we get more than 5 800,00 euros at the end of this campaign ? Then we will have more means to better promote this music and make it more visible/audible. An ensemble of rewards will allow you to help us achieve our goal according to your budget, from advance download of the music to a private concert of Laurent Coq duo with guitarist Ralph Lavital, or different packages of CDs pairing BWA with Laurent’s or Ralph's past albums.

In advance, we sincerely thank you for your interest and most of all, for your support.


"Deeply personal and original. And this complicity with Ralph... Congratulations, it's beautiful !"

Daniel Richard

"Excellent realisation ! Cleaver harmonisation, a use of vocals that gives the music a “pop” edge, beautiful lyrics, not to forget a very innovative approach on French West Indies music !"

Grégory Privat

"There is a certain element of simplicity and familiarity that comes across despite the complexity and uniqueness of what is happening musically"

Walter Smith III

"To watch and to listen laurent and Ralph's tandem grow over the years is one of my most vivid pleasure as a listener. This album of thousand roots is made of joy, dance and beauty. It is an hybride, the kind I've never heard before, that pave the way to a happy mariage between intelligence and delight, the French scene can be proud."

Guilhem Flouzat


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