Ray Richardson: Our side of the water

Ray Richardson is a major figure in British figurative painting.

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Ray Richardson: Our side of the water



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We are five students following the last year of “technique of filming” at the Haute Ecole de Bruxelles (HELB; former INRACI), based in Belgium. Our graduation movie, which we aim to shoot in April 2017, is titled “Ray Richardson: Our Side Of The Water”. This is the most important project we work on during our 3 –year study program. To realize it, we need your help. Our documentary is ambitious, and unfortunately the money offered by our school does not cover all our artistic and technical needs. That is why we are asking for your help, so we are able to realize this documentary.




Ray Richardson is a major figure in British figurative painting. A graduate of Saint-Martins School and Goldsmiths College, his works can be found in many museums and foundations (the National Portrait Gallery, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Sainsbury Centre). Ray’s work is an uncompromised reflection on London, in particular Woolwich – the south-eastern suburb where the artist was born.  




Having been surrounded by urban and popular culture, he uses reality as a raw material in his work and incorporates cinematic techniques pertaining to the world of “film noir” into his own traditional pictorial painting technique.


In a really weird way the images I was more interested in looking at were from films. So I wanted to combine the traditional stuff of painting with cinematic ways of looking things.” - Ray Richardson  


This documentary will plunge you into the heart of Woolwich – a world of its own – where we can begin to grasp the vast complexity of a changing society. Ray Richardson depicts body language with absolute accuracy through everyday scenes such as conversations on street corners, little exchanges between dealers, people waiting for the tube or down by the docks… For sure, shrouded in tension and mystery, something is afoot…




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NEW GOAL: 150%


The total money will be used for:

 1) Our Lodging. London is a major attraction for artists, but is a very expensive city for students.  


 2) Subtitles in French and in Dutch. The linguistic boundary of Belgium provoked the creation of two totally different cinematographic cultures. The new generation of students, however, wants to discover what is made by our neighbouring countries. By translating the film, we will be able to distribute it to a much wider audience.


 3) The gear, for instance the cameras and microphones that we will rent in Brussels and in London.

If it would be possible to obtain more than the amount of 1500€, that money would be used to get better technical equipment.


If it would be possible to obtain our NEW GOAL, that money would be used to distribute the documentary in Belgium and in the international festivals.




The last 8% of the budget goes towards the commission asked for by KissKissBankBank.  

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