REdLIE - Album - "C'est la vie"

Take part in giving birth to 1st REdLIE LP and let's create the BUZZ together !

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REdLIE - Album - "C'est la vie"

REdLIE is Lydie Brian and Soren Mounir. They are a multi-talented duo with a US-Franco-Swiss pedigree, ready to shake up the music scene with tunes that are equal parts cool, fresh, and dreamy. Their musical inspiration hails from acts like Keane and Coldplay, with a splash of electro pop reminiscent of IAMX, brighten up with powerful words inspired by Gainsbourg and Balavoine. Vocally they might resonate as a duel between Tori Amos and Nick Cave.


Soren Mounir aka Dorian Gray has wrote and composed music for the British singer Duffy, and worked with the drummer David Hallyday. More recently he worked with Chris Corner from IAMX who directed a provocative, intense video for his latest song "Lost Inspiration". With REdLIE Soren takes a breather from working as a solo artist taking us on an unexpected ride with Lydie sharing the wheel and the front seat.


Below is the Trailer of some songs taken from our forthcoming album "C'est la vie".




Below is our live performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival on the 9th July 2014.  



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To make a difference ...


Promoting and putting into orbit the album "C'est la vie".  


At this stage we took care of the production of the album "C'est la vie" on which you will find approximately 11 to 14 songs. Nevertheless, the album and also a photo shoot and a video wont be enough for a real breakthrough.


Below you will find a list of what will be financed with your donation:


-          Pressing of the CD and the booklet.

-          Creation and design.

-          Photographer.

-          Press Agent to promote the band and the album (3 months).

-          Moving to Paris back and forth + hotel (Promotion, interviews, show case).

-          New video (if enough means).

-          Website (creation and maintenance).

-          Annual Internet subscriptions (like Soundcloud, Website / Domain name, etc.).


Thank you in advance for your enthusiasm and contribution to this beloved project:)


Lydie & Soren

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