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Max is grieving his best friend's death on their childhood's playground, the lake of a quarry.




Director's note :


      The point of "REGARDS" is to awaken the spectator's look on Max and Chloé's approach towards death, and its consequence; grief. "Regards", it is both a world visible, but also invisible: the off-screen. The union of both will fix the film in the audience's imaginary, re-enforcing the individual look each spectator has on this short-film. 


      A film, a world, a location: a quarry. A place unknown by most, with in mind the will to dedicate an entire role to it. Englobing for the most part the story of Max and Chloé, the quarry will be a timeless space where days and nights go by but all look alike, constantly putting the past and the present in conflict.


The Crew


Director : Kevin KAIN

1rst Assistant Director : Jean CRUTZEN

Producer : Yannis FAIDHERBE

Director of Photography : Quentin VAN HEMELRYCK

Camera Operator : Mathias DUCAJU

1rst Assistant Camera Operator : Salomé CORNET

Production Sound Mixer  : Tom VAN DEN BROECK 

Boom Operator : Sylvain DURANT

Editor : Gaétan HELA-HERNANDEZ

Sound Edit : Edouard JEANJEAN 









The quarry


Two characters that grow up and share each other's life, Max and Chloé, each confronted to grief thei own way, one stays in denial, and the other wants to forget too fast. Two tempers that will bond the story in a fluid and comprehensive manner.




Adrien LETARTRE stars as Max.




Sandrine DESMET stars as Chloé.


      Some references, "Three Colors: Blue" by KIESLOWSKI, "Last Days" by VAN SANT. Their films are nothing but a simple description of a facet of reality but a thesis of death and grief. 






3-by-fire-1458086769 Last


Last Days : Gus VAN SANT




Farväl Falkenberg : Jesper GANSLANDT




Trois Couleurs : Bleu - Krzysztof  KESLOWSKI




Cemetery of Splendour : Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL














Waar dient de collecte voor

REGARDS is an ambitious project. To be as close as possible to the director's point of view, whom is learning cinematography, consequent ressources are to be put to play: we need special lenses capable of shooting in low-light conditions or underwater : 400€ 


We are shooting in the countryside but the crew comes from Brussels which mean we need to move all of our gear and crew on location and we find a place to stay during the shooting period : 380€


The sound is another important point to the director. With the use of off-screen, the director needs the sound to guide the spectator through the story. That's the reason why we need to book a studio and sound effects designer : 400€


This movie needs to be seen, that's why we use a part of the funds to send our work to different internationals festivals. To do so, our movie needs subtitles. This important step unfortunately is not free : 200€


In order to make this project visible to many, we are using this platform which has a commission rate of 8% : 120€


If we earn more than 1500€, you allowed us to get closer to the movie we want to make and hope to make this movie live in festivals!

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