Rends-Moi Belle : La beauté où vous voulez quand vous voulez.

Come support a beauty care platform at home or in the office anywhere in France and for all budgets!

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Rends-Moi Belle : La beauté où vous voulez quand vous voulez.


Rends-Moi Belle is a platform that connects individuals, and professionals, for beauty cares wherever you want! Whether at home, at work or at your best friend's fla, you do not have to move anymore !


"Do you know somebody who can do my hair?" 

This question, Junior Lawson, founder of Rends-Moi Belle, has often heard it on his trips around United States. Back in France, it was the same. And yet, there are hairdressers! The click occurs when one of his friends told him about her lack of funds to create her own beauty salon.


Renting or buying a premises, bank loan, insurances ... Not easy to open its own beauty salon, even with talent.


Then comes to him an idea: « Rends-Moi Belle » (Make Me Beautiful). A platform that would connect clients who want quality cares at home, with beauty professionals who could finally become self-employed without the inconvenience of being a freelancer.


Our team :

Fernanda: The feminine touch (fortunately, because guys on their own...)

Junior: Always thinking (about what? We do not know yet...)

Yann: Our designer who is always full of ideas (often good ones...)


In addition, the small Rends-Moi Belle team decided to use the platform to offer beauty cares to patients in hospitals and to people in nursing homes.


The platform will therefore offer the following services:




A showcase website set up by our team gives details on the services we would like to offer on the final website.

You can consult it here:


To all women but more precisely:


- To you moms who spend your time taking care of your children without ever taking a little time to pamper you


- To you working women who are always running out of time.


- To you students with a small budget but always who always want your swag on.


- But Rends-Moi Belle also thinks about all women in nursing homes or in hospitals that can not move and are too often forgotten.


And for you men? A way to please your wife or simply offer yourself some cares.


To all professionals of beauty:


- Hairdresser, beautician, masseur, makeup artist.


- Employed or not, anywhere in France.



A time saving: no need to spend hours waiting in a beauty salon, we take care of you and nothing but you!


Fair prices for all budgets: being pampered should not be limited to a purse issue after all!


Choosing or re-choosing your professional: seeing his previous achievements and the opinions of other clients before deciding, isn’t it better?


Whenever and wherever you want: whether it's at home, at a friend's house or at the office, you choose the place!


A loyalty that pays: accumulate loyalty points to earn discounts and even free cares!


A real customer service: do you have any questions? Call us !



Be self-employed: no beauty salon, so no expenses, you're "the boss"!


Manage your schedule the way you want it: no obligation just a calendar to update!


Finding customers has never been so easy: no need to search clients, we take care of everything!


A real secretary manages your appointments: You do not have to look for clients. Rends-Moi Belle puts you in touch with them to allow you to focus on your work and nothing else!


Your own price: you set your own prices and can modify it!


No time wasted: Free and fast registration!

Waar dient de collecte voor


Your help is valuable to us in designing the website that will offer a simple and ergonomic interface within the reach of everyone.


13,000 €: Develop the web platform that has been designed by our team to offer a user-friendly and ergonomic interface.


2,000 €: To cover the costs of hosting and the maintenance of the site for one year, the time the platform begins to take off.


3,000 €: To do some advertising, show the women (and men as well) that we exist, and the professionals that we can help them.


In total we need 18,000 euros.


  If the amount is exceeded?


Beyond 25,000 euros we will be able to:

- Offer beauty cares to women in hospitals and nursing homes for free.


More than 30,000 euros:

- More services +  Android and iOS application.

For those who do not like to read, here's a summary in images ! 

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