Retrouver et signer les automates dispersés Martine Morand / JJ Achache

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Retrouver et signer les automates dispersés Martine Morand / JJ Achache

Today, it appears essential to us that Martine Morand and Jean-Jacques Achache’s automata be acknowledged as part of the artistic heritage and that their scattered works be given their individual stories back.

Following difficult events, around 200 automata were taken away at the end of the 80s/early 90s and now roam freely without signature.

Some of them are already located, either in museums or in ancient monuments. We solicit your benevolent patronage to finance our travel costs and affix their creators’ signatures on the scattered automata. Human means are given on a voluntary basis and thus are not accounted for in the budget presented here.

The non-profit organization “Laboratoire de l’Imaginaire” is based at the Automata Museum, located in the city of Limoux, where Martine Morand and Jean-Jacques Achache crafted their works.


This non-profit organization aims at:

-   Promoting the artistic legacy of Martine Morand and Jean-Jacques Achache

-   Making new automata

-    Passing on the knowledge of the making of automata


This project is directed by Martine Morand, Judith Morand and Rémi Delguel;

Jean-Jacques Achache does not take part in this project, having passed away in 2011.



Waar dient de collecte voor

Raised funds will be entirely given to the “Laboratoire de l’Imaginaire”. They will enable us to carry out the first stage of the project described above. If we exceed our current fundraising goal, we’ll be able to carry this project further on by launching a second search session, as this is only a first step based on a previous search. As always, human means will be given on a voluntary basis.

Here is the breakdown of our expenses:

Expenses :

Equipment :

A scanner for slides and original camera negatives                                                (for archiving purposes)                                                         100,00 €

3 sets of printer cartridge (for archiving purposes)                     259,55 €

1 2-To harddrive (for archiving purposes)                                   150,00 €

50 plates engraved with Martine Morand’s                                                            and Jean-Jacques Achache’s signatures                                 1500,00 €      


  Journey 1 – 4 days long – 1072 km                                        268,05 €

Journey 2 – 3 days long – 1217 km                                         231,18 €

Journey 3 – 4 days long – 1702 km                                         364,28 €

Journey 4 – 2 days long – 600 km                                          139,27 €

Buy-back of derelict automata                                            750,00 €

Miscellaneous costs                                                            237,67 €

Total:                                                                                  4000,00 €



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