Rénovation d'un Riad au coeur de Fes, "l'Athènes de l'Afrique" !

Ensemble, Fès-ons de ce rêve une réalité !

Project visual Rénovation d'un Riad au coeur de Fes, "l'Athènes de l'Afrique" !
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Rénovation d'un Riad au coeur de Fes, "l'Athènes de l'Afrique" !

<p><strong>I just bought a ore than 5-century old traditional riad, in the heart of Fes old medina in Morocco.</strong> Located in the craddle of craftmanship in Morocco, very genuine and full of History, this small riad stands for the incredible skills of the Fassie craftsmen.I wish to refurbish it as a guesthouse and then let you share my experience in the middle of this medina, where I have&nbsp; been building solid friendships for 2 years. <strong>You will be able to discover the treasuries of this ancient Unesco heritage city.</strong></p> <p><strong>But to achieve my goal,I need a minimum of 10 000&euro;</strong> . They are absolutely essential to reach the aim of the guesthouse project and achieve the first step in the refurbishing of this small jewel, in the spirit of the ancestral art of Morocco.</p> <p><strong>Therefore, I am offering you to take part in the adventure, and you would be able, thanks to your generosity against interesting counterparts (you will find them on the right of the screen), to help me make my dream come true by participating in financing the works</strong>.</p> <p><strong>18/05/2021 UPDATE</strong></p> <p><strong>Wonderful feat made by our contributors as this first 10000&euro; goal , allowing me to pay for the unavoidable works has been reached in 9 days!</strong></p> <p>Now our150%&nbsp;goal&nbsp; that will permit to make our hammam, a sliding roof over the patio and a mamouni terrace! Let&#39;s make it possible !</p>

Allocation of funds

<p><strong>D&eacute;j&agrave; act&eacute; et financ&eacute; :</strong></p> <p><strong>D&eacute;molition des escaliers</strong>, trop hauts pour personnes &agrave; mobilit&eacute; r&eacute;duite, refaits moins hauts, mais &agrave; l&#39;identique avec les zelliges r&eacute;cup&eacute;r&eacute;s.<strong>R&eacute;fection (conservation) des zelliges&nbsp;</strong><strong> d&#39;origine&nbsp;</strong>(plus de 200 ans) dans le patio et autour de la fontaine centrale&nbsp;</p> <p><em>Zelliges du patio, &agrave; renover tout en les conservant. Ceux du centre, autour de la fontaine, ne sont pas anciens. Ils seront chang&eacute;s.</em></p> <p><strong>Construction de 3&nbsp;salles de bain traditionnelles</strong> en zelliges, Tadelakt et bois et <strong>r&eacute;fection d&#39;une salle de bain &quot;royale&quot;</strong> d&eacute;j&agrave; existante.</p> <p><em>Un exemple de salle de bain traditionnelle zelliges.(photo prise au Dar Lola, Merzouga).</em></p> <p><strong>Ajout d&#39;une mezzanine en bois&nbsp;dans la suite familiale</strong> du patio.<strong>S&eacute;paration en moucharabieh parents/enfants</strong> dans la suite royale<strong>R&eacute;haussement de la chambre &agrave; la terrasse afin de l&rsquo;agrandir</strong><strong>Terrasse panoramique ferm&eacute;e en fer forg&eacute;,&nbsp;</strong>au dessus de la chambre&nbsp;r&eacute;hauss&eacute;e (niveau 2)&nbsp;pour les petits d&eacute;jeuners + <strong>espace tables c&eacute;ramiques et fontaine</strong> sur terrasse (niveau 1).<strong>Meubles et luminaires fabriqu&eacute;s int&eacute;gralement dans la m&eacute;dina</strong>, par des dinandiers, menuisiers, forgerons et tapissiers de la m&eacute;dina. D&eacute;j&agrave; financ&eacute;s en partie, mais pas totalement.</p> <p><em>Lit en bois semblable &agrave; celui que je souhaite dans la chambre double, &eacute;tage 1.</em></p> <p><strong>A quoi serviront vos dons ?</strong></p> <p><strong>Palier 1 -&nbsp; Collecte &agrave; 100%, soit 10&nbsp;000 euros </strong>:<strong>Toit coulissant en verre</strong> sur patio pour soir&eacute;es d&#39;hiver et&nbsp;jours de pluie.Nous pourrons &eacute;galement inclure le <strong>salon/bar semi ouvert&nbsp;en Mamouni (lames de bois crois&eacute;es)&nbsp;sur la terrasse (photo ci-dessous)</strong></p> <p><em>Une terrasse en Mamouni&nbsp;semi ouverte semblable &agrave; celle que je souhaiterais (ici photo Riad Marrakech).&nbsp;</em></p> <p><strong>&nbsp;A</strong><strong>jouter des zelliges&nbsp;sur le mur du Bartal,</strong> comme le veut&nbsp;la tradition (photo ci-dessous)</p> <p><em>Bartal du Patio. La partie &agrave; recouvrir est celle sous le pl&acirc;tre sculpt&eacute;.</em></p> <p><strong>Palier 2 -&nbsp;Collecte &agrave; 150% soit 15&nbsp;000 euros :&nbsp;</strong><strong>R&eacute;fection compl&egrave;te&nbsp;et &nbsp;mise en service du hammam Beldi (traditionnel),</strong> dont l&rsquo;emplacement est d&eacute;j&agrave; r&eacute;serv&eacute;&nbsp;au 1er &eacute;tage. <strong>Nous le&nbsp;mettrons &agrave; disposition de nos Clients</strong> ,avec un service de soins et de massages.&nbsp;</p> <p><em>Hammam Beldi comme je le souhaiterais.</em></p> <p>Nous pourrons financer <strong>int&eacute;gralement des&nbsp;meubles de choix,&nbsp; produits par les artisans locaux</strong>.&nbsp;<strong>Palier 3 - Collecte &agrave; 200%, soit 20 000 euros</strong> :<strong>&nbsp;</strong><strong>Construction d&rsquo;une suite suppl&eacute;mentaire &agrave; la terrasse</strong>, avec, de ce fait, une&nbsp;<strong>terrasse panoramique suppl&eacute;mentaire</strong> qui b&eacute;n&eacute;ficiera d&#39;une vue incroyable sur la m&eacute;dina.<strong> Nous l&#39;am&eacute;nagerons en espace berb&egrave;re</strong> (photo d&#39;exemple ci-dessous).&nbsp;</p> <p><em>Au dessus de la 5&egrave;me suite, nous pourrions faire une terrasse de ce style.</em></p> <p><strong>L&rsquo;objectif ultime : Vous accueillir d&egrave;s l&#39;&eacute;t&eacute; 2021 !</strong></p>


Featured reward

Une semaine à deux en chambre double, en pension complète.


  • 16 contributions
A week for two in a double room, full board Enjoy a cosy double room for two at the riad for a week. Fes is full of typical and interesting areas, you will never get bored! And you will have the opportunity of going and discovering the Middle Atlas, the lovely Chefchaouen, and also Meknes and Volubilis. Full board is included for the whole week.

Estimated delivery: August 2021


  • 7 contributions
A 50 ml flask of pure Argan oil You will be delivered a 50 ml-flask of pure bio Argan oil at your doorstep. Extracted by first cold pressing, argan oil is a natural anti-ageing product, full of E vitamins to keep your skin young. The tinted flask will preserve the oil quality. Argan oil is well known for its hydrating and nourishing power, not only for your hair but for your nails too. Its antioxidant power helps cells regeneration. In addition, the oil you will receive comes directly from a women’s cooperative in Essaouira, where argan trees are grown. This cooperative provides a paid job to these women and helps them get their autonomy.

Estimated delivery: June 2021

Une jolie lampe marocaine


  • 1 contribution
A lovely Moroccan lamp Available from June 2021 This lovely small lamp comes in a bronze colour and its stained glass design has been entirely handmade. It will give a nice atmosphere to your bedroom or to your lounge. Kids will love its multicoloured look! Carefully wrapped by experts, you get the insurance no damage will be made when it reaches your home.

Estimated delivery: June 2021

Deux nuits en chambre double au Riad, en demi-pension


  • 5 contributions
Two nights in a double room at the riad, half board Available from August 2021 Enjoy two nights for two at the riad. You will be hosted in a cosy double room with an oriental and refined decoration. This room is located on the first floor and includes a balcony that gives onto the patio with its orange trees, or you will stay at one that gives onto the rooftop terrasse with an outstanding view. Half board is included for these two days.

Estimated delivery: August 2021

Une nuit en suite Royale ou Familiale en demi-pension


One night in our Royal or Family suite, half board Available from August 2021 Enjoy one night in one of our two magnificent 30 and 35 m2 rooms. Both of them will get their own private lounge children area. wooden carved and painted ceiling n and moucharabieh windows (2 adults and 2 children max )On the ground floor giving onto the patio, the 30 m2 family suite will get a mezzanine with two children beds above a zelliges decorated shower room , a lounge area and a parents’king size bed , the bartal is decorated with original zelliges, that will be separated from the rest by a moucharabieh a king size bed, a lounge area and a balcony that gives onto the patio and the blue sky when the roof is open. The bathroom will be decorated with traditional Moroccan zelliges, tadelakt and wood, it will get a big bathtub and shower(2 adults and 4 children max )On the first floor you will find our Royal 35 m2 suite which will get its children area in the bartal Half board is included

Estimated delivery: August 2021

3 nuits au Riad en chambre double, en demi-pension.


  • 8 contributions
3 nights in double room at the riad, full board included Available from August 2021 Enjoy 3 nights for 2 in a cosy double room (see description on offer 1 night) Half board is included during your stay. (illustration picture matches the style I wish to decorate the double rooms with)

Estimated delivery: August 2021

3 nuits en chbre dble + demi-pension + visite médina et remparts


  • 2 contributions
3 nights in double room including half board, a tour of the medina and its walls Available from August 2021 Enjoy 3 nights in a cosy double room (see description on offer 1 night) You will be offered half board and start your stay with a guided tour of the old medina and its walls (our experimented guide on the picture above)

Estimated delivery: August 2021

2 nuits en Suite familiale ou royale (jusqu'à 5 pers), en demi-pension.


  • 2 contributions
2 nights in the family or royal suite (up to 5 people), half board Enjoy 2 nights in the family suite (4 people max) or in the royal suite (5 people max)0. See description on the 1 night offer Half board is included for the whole family

Estimated delivery: August 2021

Excursion 2 jours/1 nuit à Chefchaouen/Cascades d'Akchour (2 personnes)


  • 5 contributions
2 day-trip/1 night in Chefchaouen/Akchour waterfalls (for 2) Enjoy a private air-conditioned tour for 2 and discover the blue pearl of Morocco that I personally consider as the most charming city in the country: lovely Chefchaouen. A photogenic postcard, this small and quiet city amidst the mountains is really worth a visit. You will sleep overnight in a nice flat ideally located in the old town. The next day, you will go a few kilometres away and walk in nature with a tajine lunch break alongside the river and Akchour waterfalls. The Moroccan people enjoy this place very much, delicious charcoal cooked tajines are prepared and you can have them with your feet in the water, surrounded by a luxurious nature and by the waterfalls sound as a background atmosphere. Personally, I love this place. Then you will leave in the end of the afternoon to get back to Fes (about a 4-hour trip on a mountain road with stunning scenic landscapes all along). You can enjoy a 5-people private transportation with a 70€ supplement (payable when checking in at the riad) This excursion can be taken from a 3-night stay at the riad. It is cost price and has been negotiated in the crowdfunding framework.

Estimated delivery: August 2021

4 nights in double room, full board plus two 50-minute massages


Take profit of 4 nights for 2 in a cosy double room (see description in offer 1), and a hammam followed by a relaxing massage with argan oil per person (50 minutes) Full board included (take away meals are provided if necessary)

Estimated delivery: August 2021

4 nuits en suite Familiale ou Royale, en pension complète + visite Médina


  • 2 contributions
4 nights in our family or royal suite, full board and tour of the old medina Enjoy 4 nights at the riad in our 30m2 family suite (2 adults + 2 children/teenagers). See description in our 1 night suite offer Full board included, you will start your visit by a tour of the old medina and its walls. My favorite guide will take you around,outside of the beaten tracks !

Estimated delivery: August 2021

Excursion 4 jrs/3 nuits dans le grand Sud, avec bivouac dans le désert (2 pers)


Worth for 2 : You will go and discover the South of Morocco in a private comfortable vehicle with your own private driver. You will sleep in charming typical and authentic  hotels and will enjoy a unique experience with a bivouac in the desert. Breakfasts and dinners are included during the whole trip. You will go via the Middle Atlas and have a stop over in Ifrane, then the magnificent blue spring of Errachidia before heading to the high Merzouga dunes and you will sleep overnight in an authentic inn. The next day, you will spend your day discovering Merzouga, Rissani, then the original Gnawas village. They will play their mesmerising music and dances. Then, in the end of the afternoon, you will go back to your bivouac in the dunes either on camel’s back or by four-wheel vehicle. You will admire the fantastic sunset and then sleep under Touareg tents in real comfy beds and will get dinner with the nomads around a campfire. The bravest ones will get up very early in order to admire the wonderful sunrise before getting breakfast. You will next head to Tinghir famous for its gorges in 1300 meters high Todgha valley and palm tree orchard.You will sleep in a hotel in the gorges. The next day, after your breakfast, you will spend the morning walking in these incredible gorges , then go back to Fes, your head full of varied and stunning landscapes . You will have some stops on the road back. This trip is accessible from a 4-night stay at our riad. It is cost price and has been negotiated in the crowdfunding framework. You can be a maximum of 5 people with a supplement of 300€ you will pay at our hotel. 📷

Estimated delivery: September 2021

One week in the royal suite (5people max) half board + visit of the old medina.


  • 1 contribution
Enjoy a week in a family suite at the riad on the ground floor (up to 4 people, 2 adults +2 teenagers or children) or in our royal suite on the first floor (up to 5 people, 2 adults+ 3 children  or 4 adults) You will not get bored! There is so much to do in Fes and in the region. Half board and a tour of the medina and its walls with my favourite guide is included.

Estimated delivery: August 2021

Our riad only for you for 3 nights , half board is included


Our riad only for you for 3 nights , half board (cooking and cleaning staff every day). Riad capacity 13 people Half board is included. Possibility of 4 nights , half board  with a supplement of 200€ (just ask for it when booking)

Estimated delivery: August 2021

The whole riad only for you , half board (cook and daily cleaning)


  • 2 contributions
During a whole week (7 nights), our riad which can host up to 13 people will be yours only. Our team (cook and cleaning) will be available daily, breakfasts and diners (family menu) are included. disposition quotidiennement, et les petits déjeuners et dîners (menu familial) vous seront offerts. to discover the neighbourhoods , with your family.That will be the opportunity Heritage and imperial city, Fes inherited from the Andalusian culture, it is an outstanding place for culture and spirituality. Fes has has certainly got the richest and most remarkable architecture in the whole of Morocco Also, may be , the opportunity of going for a whole day on a tour to discover the Middle Atlas : Ifrane, Azrou or why not the lovely Chefchaouen, or Meknes, Volubilis…

Estimated delivery: August 2021

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