Road to Ironman UK

Road to Ironman UK!

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Road to Ironman UK

Family, friends, colleagues and sport fans, I am asking for your help for my new challenge !


Ironman is the most famous race in triathlon. It was made for adventurers : 

Open swim 2.4 miles Bike 112 miles Run 26.2 miles, no break  !




My first try was in 2012, in the sunny french city Nice. 


I had the opportunity to win my slot for Las Vegas in 2011, for the half ironman world championship.  I would like to do better and win my slot for the ironman world championship in Kona, Hawaii. 

There is only one way for me to do that. I have to be qualified during the UK Bolton’s Ironman in July, in my adopted country. 




I won’t win, for sure, but I am going to do my best. 


No more injuries or bad luck this year. This year is the year. So many things have changed. New place, new job, so much time to practice. 


Let’s be optimistic about my potential success ! But it’s on me AND you….


I have a long way to go, and the training is expensive.

Coaching: 900euros 

Training bootcamps: 2100euros 

Transport fees & Entry fees: 1200euros, 

Triathlon gears: 1500euros 

All of them are expenses I can’t no longer afford without create debt and It’s affecting my preparation. 



Waar dient de collecte voor

By helping me, you would be a moral support during this though race. Your name will be written on several parts of my body, depending on how much you can afford  ;)


During the effort, seeing your name will give me the energy to keep on going. In a way, you would cross the finish line with me, and you would help me access the biggest challenge of my life :  Hawaii world championship !



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