"Les Raisins de la colère", le roman-photo

« Les Raisins de la colère » is a Photonovel by TVA.Studies

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"Les Raisins de la colère", le roman-photo

"The pandemic that struck France in 2020 was an opportunity to honor an old promise of youth. After ten years without giving each other much news, a group of individuals from the same promotion found themselves in the countryside house of one of them. Lost in the tranquility, surrounded by vineyards, our friends hope to recharge their batteries and forget the city, the work and the crisis. Like the bourgeoisie of the big cities of Europe, some Parisians are leaving the capital seeking for an agricultural "break". This fortuitous grouping of townspeople in a rural area became the starting point of a news item that shook the people of Aquitaine and aroused curiosity around the world for months. This is the "Massacre of Montbazilliac". " Henri H. PROJECT HISTORY Initiated at the end of the first confinement, this little photo-novel retraces the episodes which preceded the mysterious "Massacre of Montbazilliac". The main idea of this photographic essay is to confront the now canonical form of the photo novel, throught the prism of horror films and sensationalist journalism. Playing with the codes of the slasher movie and the relationship between writing and photo image, TVA Studies needs you to finalize this bookish object for Halloween 2021 !! The final object will be a book (24X17cm) of more than sixty pages printed in Quadri process with an hard cover and printed in 500 copies. WHO IS TVA STUDIES? TVA Studies is the experimental artistic direction collective of Tristan Savoy, Valentine Étiévant and Alice Girard.

Waar dient de collecte voor

We need you to print our photo novel in 500 copies !!! We have set a first level at 7,000 euros. This is divided as follows: 80%: prints of the four-color photo novel and bindings 12%: creation of objects 8%: contribution to kisskissbankbank A second level of 8,000 euros would allow us to produce other derivative objects and set up a launch party for Halloween 2021 by inviting performers and DJs! Other rewards are coming soon, including a range of horrific T-Shirts!

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