Rostock trombone class goes to America

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Rostock trombone class goes to America

​Dear friends,

We are the Rostock trombone class and we recently won first prize in the Emory Remington Trombone Ensemble Competition, which is awarded by the International Trombone Association to the best trombone ensemble world wide. The judges of the competition are world class orchestral trombonists, which listened to all competing ensembles entry recordings without knowing who they listen to, making it completely unanimous.

As part of the prize, we are invited to perform a winners concert at the International Trombone Festival in Indiana, USA, as well as to participate in the festival from July 10-13, 2019. 

We now have a goal to raise funds in order to pay the costs of the USA trip. Without additional support, most of us are not able to pay the cost of the flight.

To make this adventure possible, we need around 12.000 €. This fundraising campaign is one more among many other actions that will make this project possible. Any amount would be very much appreciated​.  

Thank you for considering supporting the HMT Rostock trombone class, as we hope to experience this once in a life time opportunity. As a reward, we will proudly send you the recordings of the pieces that gave us the 1st prize of the competition.

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This campaign will help to fundraise the costs of our trip to the USA and make possible our concert in the International Trombone Festival 2019.

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