Discover my second book which testifies to the climate change in the coldest region of the world: Yakutia.

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Thanks to my publisher "André Frère Éditions" and your precious help, the book SACHA will be released in February 2019 in bookstores!


  • The book will be 110 pages long.
  • Format 24x30 cm à la Française
  • 40 colour images printed in offset
  • A photo will be integrated on the hard fabric cover
  • A typography of the title will be written on the back and edge of the book.
  • The photos in the book are made with silver in medium format.


It is with great pleasure that I am once again partnering with Studio Fable to produce the model. 



  • The launch of the book will take place during my personal exhibition at the Jaeckin Gallery at 19 Rue Guénégaud, 75006 Paris on 21 February 2020. It will also be presented in Arles in July 2020.



  • My work is oriented towards social documentary, focusing on communities living on the margins of society. From the favelas of Rio to Armenia in the United States, and more recently in Siberia, the notions of humanity, identity and society are at the heart of my work. It is above all the human relationships that inspire and passionate me.


  •  In 2017, I published my first book "FAUBOURG TREME", published by Editions André Frère, on my long­term project in New Orleans. This book is now sold in many institutions around the world such as the Tate Modern in London, the Beaubourg Museum in Paris and the McNally Jackson Bookstore in New York.


  • It has been published in magazines such as National Géographique, Der Spiegel, Vanity Fair, Télérama, Grazia, Vogue, NZZ and Libération. It seemed essential to me to take it to the next level by completing this second major personal project in Yakutia




  • This work is the result of a project carried out between 2017­-2019 in Yakutia, a region located in eastern Siberia. The book traces my journey from Yakutsk, the coldest city in the world, through the gulag road to Sacha, a reindeer herder in search of freedom and independence living alone in the middle of the Tundra.


  • If Russia has always attracted me, it is probably because of my family history. My grandfather, Richard Jeranian, was a painter, and one of the first artists of his generation to travel to Moscow in 1957, before exhibiting in 1980 in Novosibirsk, Siberia. The stories of his travels in this faraway and strange country accompanied my childhood, and excited me to discover it.


Photo of my grandfather Richard Jeranian in his Parisian workshop in 1978.


  • After the terrible earthquake that devastated Armenia in 1988, a branch far from my family emigrated to Siberia to escape poverty. They have settled in Yakutsk, as have many minorities such as Kyrgyz and Uzbeks. Yakutia, in fact, is a very rich region full of gold mines, gas and oil diamonds. The Yakuts say that "when God flew over Yakutia on a winter's day, his hands froze and he let all his treasures escape".


  • When I learned that I had a distant family there, I naturally chose Yakutsk. The climate is hostile to humans: it is one of the coldest inhabited places on the panet, where winter temperatures reach ­60°C.


Photo of my family in Yakutsk on Lenin Square


  • Yakutsk is, cities built on permafrost. If the temperature rises even a little too much, the ice can melt and cause a dramatic collapse of the permafrost and everything it carries, including roads, homes and lakes.



  • However, Russia is warming at an estimated 2.5 times faster than the rest of the world. Living in such conditions is synonymous with a constant struggle with nature and with oneself. What surprised me the most was this willingness to live, this instinct to survive, everything that the comfort and safety of our cities made us forget.


  • It was only after I discovered the existence of a reindeer herding community, the Evenes. At their side, I lived for several months, cut off from everything, in the middle of nothing, or rather from these vast forests called the Tundra.







  • In search of a freedom that he conceives as total independence, Sacha raises his herd of a thousand reindeer. Sacha's days are difficult, rough, wild, lonely. Sacha, in the midst of his animals, forgets that he lives cut off from the world, in the vast frozen expanses of Yakutia, in northern Siberia, in one of the areas considered to be the coldest on the planet. In such conditions, life is a battle that must be fought at all times against the elements.


  • Sacha is on her own. A knowledge acquired over a long period of time allows him to live in this environment that is hostile to humans but that he has been able to tame. Faced with the slow and inexorable transformation brought about by climate change, Sacha also knows that she is powerless.



  • Unfair fate, climate change is not felt directly by those who recklessly sought to subdue nature, but by those who tried to live in harmony with it. The increase in temperature (4°C over the past 40 years) has had dramatic consequences on the lives of indigenous people and their animals. Nomadic herders are unaware of these measures, which quantify exactly what they experience and observe on a daily basis.



  • Sacha is attached to this primitive and austere way of life, but with his appearance as the first man, how not to consider him as one of the representatives of an endangered world. Will it adapt to climate change for long?


  • In this white odyssey of the Far North, Sacha seeks to know who he really is, a question that, of all things, is probably the most difficult.



  • DESIGN: It is with joy that I am once again partnering with the Fables studio to produce my second book "SACHA". We collaborated in 2017 on my first book "FAUBOURG TREME"


  • Studio Fables is an independent graphic and digital design studio founded in Paris by Majan Dutertre, Paul Schaedelin and Laurent Tacco. They work with passion to design visual identities, printed objects, websites, animations and interactive installations.



  • ANDRÉ FRÈRE EDITION: At Images En Manœuvres, André Frère developed numerous co­publications with foreign publishers and followed in particular authors such as Antoine d'Agata, Anders Petersen, Vanessa Winship, Patrick Tournebœuf, Christopher Anderson, Martin Parr, Thibaut Cuisset, Dulce Pinzon. We collaborated on my first book FAUBOURG TREME in 2017.





  • This book is a project that is close to my heart and has been thought out over the long term. However, the production of a book generates costs that are difficult to bear alone with my publisher. That is why I ask for your help through this collection in the form of pre­ sales.


Waar dient de collecte voor



  • A photo book is expensive to produce. I have already managed to raise part of the budget. I still need 7000 € for the book to exist. The funds raised on KissKiss BankBank will help to cover the costs.


  • Manufacture/Printing ( 700 ex):  8500€
  • Model : 2000 € 
  • Shipping and counterparty management : 1000€
  • KKBB Management 8%
  • Writing and translation : 1 000€
  • Total = 12 500 €





  • All the prints offered in the counterpart are limited editions, signed and numbered. I will personally sign and verify the quality of each print before it is shipped. Once the campaign is over, we will send you an email to get your delivery address. You can then indicate your choice of image to be printed.




  • The SACHA series has already been published twice in the prestigious journal BJP and National Geographic Italy in September 2019. Many publications are to come.




-Early December, 2019: End of the pre­purchase call on KissKissBankBankBank

-January, 2019: Book printing

-February 21, 2020 : Official launch of the book at the Galerie Art en trance in Paris.

-end of February, 2019: Book sent for KissKissBankBankers

-It will be possible to pick up the book at the Gallery on February 21, 2020


  • Beyond the aesthetic research, I understood that it is the Human that I seek above all, in his fragility as in his strength. And the ephemeral nature of our lives gives me the feeling that the only way to do justice to all these faces is to put them on paper.










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