Salon de café / Restaurant 100% végétal à Strasbourg

Participate today in a gourmet way of consumption that respects the planet and its inhabitants.

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Salon de café / Restaurant 100% végétal à Strasbourg


An unprecedented rise in Strasbourg, one of European's capital, the ideal venue to relax with a hot drink or a freshly squeezed fruit juice, taste our 100% Plant-Based delights, surf on our free & unlimited wireless access, have a meal with friends or a dinner for two.



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We are Cedric and Elena, a couple from Strasbourg, passionate by the vegan cuisine since a few years. 


Our professional experiences (bakery-catering for Cedric and management-languages for Elena) perfectly validate our ambition to open a vegan Café / Restaurant, which serve mainly organic, local and especially home-made products.


Be assured: the prices of our sweets won't be more expensive than in conventional shops!




Veganism is a philosophy that rejects all forms of animal exploitation. Therefore, the products sold in our business will be of plant origin.





The trigger for this project was made after the general enthusiasm at the wedding of a relative. Indeed, we announced after savouring the wedding cake, schwarzwälder kirschtorte and strawberry torte that all this cakes we had made were vegan. The guests were pleasantly surprised and we were strongly encouraged to embark on such an innovative project.



Currently we've found some premises in the heart of Strasbourg which would be able to present our sweets for the beginning of 2015.


Among them we will serve traditional pastries and French ones (mousse cake, schwarzwälder kirschtorte, strawberry torte, fruit tart, macaroon...), Anglo-Saxon pastries (cupcake, cheesecake, muffin...), Celebration pastries (yule log, king cake, birthday and wedding cake...).






On the savory side we plan a dining area especially for homemade "Slow Food" (pizza, veggie burger, dish of the day...), as well as take-away (sandwich, bagel, salads...)











To contribute to this project, you can select one of our rewards on the right of this page.


For example, for € 55 or more, you could come and enjoy, once we’re open, our delicious Veggie Burger with a drink and one of our sweets. You would also leave with a cake for 8 people to share* with friends and family. You can also demand counterparties on your visit until 4 years after the restaurants opening.


For those who don’t live in Strasbourg or around, we offer rewards by post (for € 5, € 20, € 50 and € 100, delivery throughout the European Union).


You can also participate in this project by choosing independently the amount of the compensation.


Nevertheless, if we don’t reach the target above, your contribution will automatically be returned by KissKissBankBank.


* feel free to keep it for yourself ;)






Waar dient de collecte voor

To create a start-up business without a solid starting can bring some trouble in the current economic context. Finance ourselves through Crowdfunding would provide us more security and financial independence.


The objective of € 15,000* is the minimum we need to launch this innovative project. With other aid and our economies, this amount will be the necessary input for the loan we will require from the alternative finance company of La NEF, a French ethical and social organization.










We would also like to thank:


Lionel Lebaut, photographer, creative ideas 

Christmas Butaye, designer of the comic strip

Noémie Ciofolo, creator of the logo 

Guillaume Magnani, creative ideas





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