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« With a heart filled with endless love for those who scorned me, I wandered far away. For many and many a year I sang songs. Whenever I tried to sing of love, it turned to pain. And again, when I tried to sing of pain, it turned to love. » Schubert, « My Dream », July 3, 1822 1st step: the CD Wonderful! We just achieved our first objective of a 4,000 euro collection! Thank you to all of you who accomplished this in only five days! We would never have imagined such a wonderful success! 2nd step: the scenography We still need your help and that of new kissbankers to enable us to give birth to this original scenography of which we dream, for a different Winter Journey, a real invitation to the sharing of a poetic, musical and sound universe as much as a visual one. If we succeed in raising an additional 6,700 euros, we will be able to finance the production of a video presentation of our scenographic project, a "show-case" that will allow us to find subsidies, private funders and co-producers for this project, which is a real challenge: to go beyond the framework of a classical concert, to propose a Winter Journey that addresses each and every one of us, beyond the barrier of language, to make us understand without translating, to make us feel, even more than understand. Belinda: "The Winter Journey is a journey within oneself. Beyond the pain expressed, the feeling of not having a place in the world, there is also a lot of light: something mysterious that could be felt as a call to brotherhood, a call to communion with others. When I perform Winter Journey, it almost feels like a long meditation, with a very physical dimension too, almost like a trance that requires great abandonment. That's what I want to share with the audience." We are looking for a scenic universe that will allow everyone to access to this work that many consider elitist (wrongly). It is a question of going beyond the traditional form of this type of concert: performers isolated on the stage, the audience seated in a row in the auditorium, with lighting - so that they can read the translation of the texts. For us, it's more a question of taking the audience into a dream world where precise words are no longer important, where the music and the emotions carry you along like a huge wave. We are at the stage of reflection, of brain storming, and currently all ideas are being studied, from the most realistic to the most abundant. What we can already announce in any case is an in-depth work on the visual: nature as seen by the traveller's eye, phantasmagoria, blur, light, reflections, moving images, and also - and this is fundamental - the search for a different relationship between the artists and the public. IF THE COLLECTION CONTINUES AT THIS RATE, IT IS WON! We are counting on you! You are the architects of our success, please spread the word in your networks! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! REMINDER: A PROJECT IN THE FORM OF A JOURNEY For those of you who are discovering the project now and for our future kissbankers, here is a reminder of the project and its origins. « Winterreise » is a versatile project that will develop over time: first of all, a CD, to be released by Les Disques du Solstice, and now successfully financed by our first KissBankers, then an original scenographic creation and, who knows, an extension for young audiences... A real dive into Schubert's cycle, an absolute masterpiece of music, with the desire to share it with a wider audience. Producing a first record, for an artist at the beginning of her career, is a truly founding moment. This is even more true when it comes to recording the Winter Journey. I am very lucky to be accompanied for this project by a wonderful pianist, Jean-Dominique Burroni, with whom I have given many concerts and recitals since my debut. a Winterreise came gradually, we tamed it little by little, concert after concert, until it became for us a kind of « home », a place where we felt particularly good and where we had a lot to share. a The confinement was a trigger for the desire to record it, because it allowed us to work in depth, to take time. We were able to see each other a lot, work at leisure, discuss, dream, share... Thank you to all those who accompanied and supported our work ! a We were all going through tough times then, and Schubert's music, which expresses human suffering so well while at the same time carrying a great deal of light, felt so good! This strengthened our resolve to develop the project in many ways, to share it not only through a record, but also through live performances, in an original form that goes beyond the strict framework of the recital. Finally, it was also the meeting with Solstice that helped the project to grow. Not only is it a very fine label, with high artistic standards, but also thanks to it, the record will be distributed in France, Europe and Asia, and announced to the press. (Recording in September 2021 / Release in December 2021) First step: the CD The recording will take place at the end of September 2021 at L.A.C., Lieu d'Art Contemporain, in Sigean. The release of the CD is planned for December 2021. As of the summer, to accompany the recording project, we will begin a series of concerts that will continue throughout the 2021 season in Alsace, Côte d'Or, Anjou and the South of France. Second step: the scenography project After the record, our second step will be the production - we hope at the beginning of 2022 - of a video presentation of the scenographic project, in the form of a show case, in order to interest funders, co-producers and partners in the scenic developments of the project. We are working on a scenography that will open up access to this masterpiece that many people wrongly believe to be inaccessible. Light, work on the image and the search for a different relationship between the artists and the public will be the main tools. What next? A young audience version? It's still top secret and in the embryonic stage, but the ideas are there and we are convinced that the recurring themes of the Winter Journey, solitude, the impression of not finding one's place in the world, can touch young audiences. But let's take things step by step! For the moment, we are asking for your support for the production of the compact disc: 4000 euros to complete the budget for the CD! And when the amount is exceeded, it will be time to tell you more about the other aspects! The rewards In return, we offer the usual small gifts (signed photos, CDs, private concerts), but above all we want to establish a real long-term relationship with our kissbankers. Beyond the record, we want you to be interested in the project as a whole, to keep you informed of developments, to receive you at our concerts, and for you to be real godfathers and godmothers for our Winterreise project.

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The costs relating to the recording itself, in particular, over four days, the remuneration of the sound engineer, the room and piano hire, various expenses... are entirely covered by the Opéra Autrement company, which supports and supervises my project, and by the Solstice label - for a total amount of 6,500 euros. I would like to thank them warmly for this!

But they can't afford to pay any more than that, and we still have to find the necessary funding to produce the CD:

Your help will allow us to cover the production costs of the CD : 4,000 euros

  • Derushage 1,200
  • Digipack booklet design 1,100
  • Pressing 500 ex 1,200
  • Kisskiss fees 320
  • Mailing of counterparts 180

TOTAL 4,000


If we manage to exceed this first objective of 4000 euros, we will be able to launch the scenic development of the project without further delay by making a presentation video to interest our future funders, co-producers and partners. We will tell you more about it when the time comes but here is the budget:

(1 day of rehearsal and 1 day of shooting)

  • Shooting and editing 2 cameramen 1,300
  • Salaries artists and technicians 2,200
  • Wages for creators 1,800
  • Room rental and expenses 1,400

TOTAL 6,700



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