Seven Lives & More, création artisanale de bijoux

Participate in the development of a new brand of high-end jewelry, handmade with love! Thank you very much in advance!

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Seven Lives & More, création artisanale de bijoux





From the very beginning, my wish is to give life to delicate pieces, feminine, wearable and beautiful quality. Jewelry I intend to active and independent women, elegant and sure of themselves, they dress in jeans and t-shirt or suit and heels. I also wanted to offer affordable products, between fantasy and upscale, very resistant in time for trendy pieces as well as timeless.


Taking all these elements into account, I decided to first realize only "Gold Filled" jewelry, or a 14K Gold finish applied over a brass base (much stronger than a classic gold plated). This type of material allows to move away from very poor quality costume jewelry and approach the quality of a gold jewel for an investment well below the luxury jewelry.




I supplied from specialized French boutiques as well as independent designers around the world. This approach allows me to be sure of the origin of the raw materials used and to ensure their quality.   Each piece is designed and handmade by me, in my Parisian apartment.



An handmade product is always unique and this is what I base my sales approach on, upgrade manual work and give desire to possess something unique, created with passion. The direct link with customers is also very important to me; to buy directly from the creator is an approach become too rare these days and recreating this link will allow to upgrade the creative work and the value of the product.





I made my first sales through an online store founded in July 2014 on the site Etsy. I then attended a private sale organized in a Parisian Boutique Hotel in November 2014, which in addition to having met a very nice success, allowed me to raise important issues in the development of my brand... Many clients have expressed the wish that I create a collection of silver jewelery and so diversified my range of products to please the greatest number. Today, after several months of work, I have a very diverse collection including 3 different finishes: Gold Filled 14kt Yellow Gold, Rose Gold Filled 14kt Gold and 925 Silver.


Waar dient de collecte voor

What started as a hobby has become a real professional project. Unfortunately my personal investment doesn't allow me to build my business in the best conditions, I ask for your help and support to carry out this project I believe so much and that excites me more than anything!


Why 2198 euros ?


-       1400 euros will be needed to purchase raw materials such as: Chains, primers, pearls and semi precious stones ...

-       160 euros for tooling: Primarily a magnifying lamp, essential for the painstaking work that represents the realization of these fine and delicate jewelry!

-       200 euros for the filing of the trademark with the INPI

-       45 euros for the running costs of my Etsy shop

-       230 euros for packaging and marketing: creating a custom stamp, business cards, packaging for shipping...

-       163 euros for the work of KissKissBankBank !


If fortunately the amount is passed, I could carry out the following developments:


-       30 euros for the purchase of my Internet domain and creating email address for communication

-       600 euros for creating my website and hosting banking eshop for a 3 month period

-       500 euros to finance the creation of a stacking rings collection (machinery and equipment)

-       The slightest additional euro will be used to complete the inventory and make new creations for the following collections!


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And if you have any questions, need information, I am available by email at !

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