Help the physical release of the new album of CYBORG " ShadowDriver "

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Hello, here we are the musical production process of our new album is almost done after one rich year of work in collaboration with wonderfull and talented singers for an artistic direction between Electro/pop/funk/ expérimental with always an 80's touch.


It's now time for this album to face the world, to make it happen, we need your support !

You can become the main actors of the physical release of the album and you will earn in return the personal gift we have prepear !


ShadowDriver, (it's the name of this project ! )  is an album talking about evasion, instrospection, always on the road.



On the road, no past or futur

Only the present, the asphalt

just like the metaphor of the effect of time on our life

We are all shadow-drivers.


Waar dient de collecte voor

Mainly for the physical release, the cost of 500 cd with covers is around 650€.


An other part is for the posters and flyers


All the rest of the money is going to help the production of the clips


We have already inject 4000€  for a drone a steadycam and other video accessories


If we are able to go beyond the main objectif of 900€ it could be an unexpected and great way to

get more technical possibilites for the clips !




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