Siberian Cat Café, cat café for allergic people and more!

Be involved in the opening of the first Cat Café imaginated for allergic people and open for all the family! Dare it with us !

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Siberian Cat Café, cat café for allergic people and more!

Cat Café came from Japan and are now very popular all around the world. We want to take part in this adventure.

We propose an unique project, based in South of France. The Siberian Cat Café will be "The place to be" for anyone who loves tea, coffee and of course Cats!

Our café will be fully dedicated to the Siberian Cat Breed which are hypoallergenic.

The Siberian Forest Cat is a native breed of Russia. It is endemic, natural and very strong.

There will be only Siberian cats in the coffee shop, and trust us, this will be a pure happyness !

We fall in love with the Siberian cats when we adopted our first cat together: Silverthannel's Ola Guapa. She is a traditionnal siberian cat, her color is black silver mackerel tabby. Her mother is from Russia and her father an handsome italian cat.

Look at her, she is such a beauty! She stole our heart!


The Siberian Cat Café will be the perfect place for sharing with you our love of the Siberian breed. We want to make you able to discover those exceptional cats. The Siberian Cat Café, is the best place to calm down, chill and enjoy with beautiful cats!


What you will eat and drink ?

We will propose everything you can find in a classical coffee shop: coffee specialities, hot chocolate, but also lots of different tea (black, green, red, white, with flowers, etc...)

Need to talk about refreshing drinks because in the south it's always hot! We will invent and prepare homemade fruits/vegetables cocktails according to the season. We will also propose fruits water infused, good for detox!

For snacking we will propose delicious homemade pastries and ice creams.


What about design ?

We found the perfect place, large, bright and with garden view. We are sure you will love it.

Whe chose to use peaceful and sweet colors such as white, beige, ligth brown, pale rose etc. Furniture will be made of naturals and renewables materials like wood and coton.

Lets introduce the Siberian Cats

It is the most pure breed, not created by humans. The breed is healthy, with few genetic diseases. Cats are strong, smart and very affectionate. They are called "dog alike cat" because you can have a real relationship with them, you can have a walk with them outside etc...

And that's not all! They are hypoallergenic. It means that the most part of allergic people car live with them. Because they produce less "Feld1" protein which is responsible of allergia. I am a big cat allergic and I can enjoy my life with them!

Siberian cats are pretty big, boys are 8 kg and girls 6 kg by average. They grow up until 5 years old. 

The café is dedicated to them and they will have all the best stuff and toys. We  will be focus on security and hygiene so you will not be able to enter with dirty shoes. We will propose protections.

We select cats with lot of care, they will be fully sociabilised, kind with a good temper. 

Siberian cats are talkative, loveable, with a fierce look but they heart are soft like a marshmallow.

What about us (the hoomans) ?

We are a young and passionate couple. We love challenge that's why we involve all we have in this huge project. We chose KissKissBankBank because it's the best platform for crowfunding. 

But like an "All in" in Poker, we bet that we will collect all we expected, if not we will earn nothing and all donors will see their money back!

Waar dient de collecte voor

Funds collected will be use for buying the most necessary furnitures:

Big work : 2 000 €

  • securised entrance 
  • kitchen/bar

Decoration and design : 2 000€

  • chairs and tables
  • carpets
  • cameras

Stuff for cats : 2 000 €

  • cat trees
  • high quality food
  • vegetal litter
  • insurance

Appliances: 2 000 €

  • coffee machine
  • juice extractor
  • refrigerator 
  • ice-cream maker
  • cleaning stuff 

We also need a lots of things more but we will find other ways to get money.

All donators will be invited to an "avant-premiere", you will discover before the wide public the place, cats and we will share a precious moment.

Big thanks to everyone to make our dream comes true!


Romane, Zab & the Siberians

PS: For funders who can't come at the coffee shop for enjoying their reward we will send you somes gifts! Love you all

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