Smiquer - AMAZONASS first single

AMAZONASS - 1st single "Smiquer" (pronounced Smee-ké) A new Hip-Hop style!!!

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Smiquer - AMAZONASS first single

   I'm AMAZONASS and "Smiquer" is the name of my first single.

   I had planned to launch a crowdfunding campaign that would have lasted a month in order to release my single at the beginning of February. The movement of the Yellow Jackets in France fits perfectly with the lyrics and spirit of my song: so I recently changed my strategy in order to release my single earlier than expected!

The song is about financial woes of someone earning minimum wage, called SMIC in France (Salaire Minimum Interprofessionnel de Croissance = Growth-indexed  minimum wage). So I came up with a new verb : Smiquer !!! So you need to take the song at second degree but it still real-world! The current climate in France is very favourable for the audience to listen to my song, now is the time!   

   That piece I composed and wrote is a mix of UK Grime (british hip-hop), house garage and Caribbean carnival music. The rapper Great Nivek (a cousin!) is co-composer and also interpreter on this single, because we hear his voice in addition to mine!

   I have already financed a good part of the project: shooting the video clip (of which I am the director), developing the cover of the single, a logo, creating a website in progress, designing posters and I recently started a promotion campaign on social networks, and especially: the song is already produced, recorded, mixed and mastered! The official release will be in a few days on all streaming and download platforms!  I will give you the exact date of release shortly!

   All I have to do now is make a good promotion for the release of the single and this is the most difficult part of the project and that's where I need your support!

   Indeed, I speak in the first person because I don't have a team working with me, I am alone in managing my project while waiting to rob a bank*. (*)This is a joke lol

   You have seen above the teaser of the clip and the single SMIQUER. It was deliberately made in an amateur style to have a popular look but the clip will be of professional quality!

   On "Smiquer" I rap, but I am a singer of Soul, Jazz, RnB, Blues, Rock. On the other upcoming tracks on which I am preparing, I will be heard singing in the musical styles mentioned above with always a touch of hip-hop.

   Here I am in a jam in a Rock-blues-funk style:  

   Here is another video on which I sing Soul music "Ain't no sunshine" by Bill Withers:
   And on the following video I sing the jazz standard "Fever":
   Coming back to the single, the clip will have a festive and offbeat atmosphere despite the serious subject that concerns many of us!   
   In addition to being a singer, I am an actress, director (among other things, I directed and acted in a play in Paris, called "A la nuit, la nuit" by François Billetdoux) and have already directed a video clip for NH l'impact, a rapper (and cousin!). I am also a hip-hop, house, samba, African dance, Caribbean dance dancer: I have danced in several shows and give dance classes from time to time. 
   I am also a martial arts and combat sports practitioner (capoeira, taekwondo, English boxing) and before that I practiced Vovinam Viet Vo Dao (Vietnamese martial art) where I was champion in combat! Otherwise, I earn my living as a waitress.

   So I'm going to do several one-week crowdfunding campaigns in order to be able to finance the promotion costs of the single. This is the first and most important crowdfunding campaign!

   If you can't make a donation, it doesn't matter!
You can still encourage me by watching my videos, putting like and subscribing to: 
- My Youtube channel: AMAZONASS AMZNS
- My Instagram page: Amazonass.amzns
- My Facebook page: Amazonass.amzns 
- My Twitter page: Amazonass_amzns
And if you make a donation, don't hesitate to subscribe to my pages on social networks and putting like everywhere, you too!!!



Waar dient de collecte voor

 The minimum indicated for this project is €500 but I need more funds but even if I only reach this amount I will release this single, with or without money for promotion, AMAZONASS's honor!  But the more donations you make to me, the better I can make this project a success! I will keep you informed of the evolution of the expenses incurred to promote Smiquer!

I have not planned to use physical media because I don't have the logistics to do it and I am a young artist in self-production, this sales support will bring me more costs than benefits. I prefer to use the sum of a CD production for promotion.

   For each level reached, here is what more I can do! Each amount includes the 8% crowdfunding fee (5% commission for Kiss Kiss Bank Bank and 3% bank fee).

€500 : Editing the clip (if I don't reach this amount, I will edit it myself, but it would be better if a professional editor did it)

€1000 : Printing of postcards + shipping costs for rewards (I will be able to honour the sending of promised postcards as rewards only if I reach 1000€ of donations)

€1150 : Printing of posters + shipping costs for rewards (I will be able to honour the sending of posters promised as rewards only if I reach 1150€ of donations)

Over €1150 : Rental of physical and digital advertising spaces!

Over €10000 : I can start recording my next track but I'll still continue the promotion to Smiquer!

Over €25000 : There I will have a very, very strong promotion!!! And if you give me such confidence, I'll organize a showcase! The top 5 donors from €50 to €199 and the top 10 donors over €200 will be invited with a person of their choice! I'll sing Smiquer of course and soul, r'n'b, hip-hop covers. Maybe I'll even sing one or more songs in preview that will be released on my album, depending on the progress of its preparation. 


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