Exposition : Something Fishy and Various Other Portraits

Support and pre-order: "Something Fishy and Various Other Portraits" by Rennes based artist Sarah Kay

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Exposition : Something Fishy and Various Other Portraits

FISHY [ fish-ee ]
adjective, fish·i·er, fish·i·est.

1. like a fish in shape, smell, taste, or the like.

2. consisting of fish.

3. abounding in fish.

4. (Informal) improbable, as a story; unlikely.

5. (Informal) of questionable character; suspicious.

6. dull and expressionless.


Something Fishy. A nexpression that serves as inspiration both literally and figuratively for this latest series of illustrations. Rich in iodine, it sits comfortably behind the teeth, waiting to roll of the tongue like an ocean wave( poetry, right?).

Through this fish based word, the illustrations explore a suspicious, salty and oily universe. Strange characters, empty eye and watery peronnalities. Elegant underwater creatures and deformed features are the result of an introspective expedition into the depths of the improbable.

Something Fishy and Various Other Portraits is the object of a small exposition taking place at the Pignom (Rennes), with an intimate vernissage programmed for 17/12/19.

I ask you, friends and sardine amateurs, to help me finance the printing of this exhibition, in exchange for various goodies and illustrations !

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The money will go towards the price of printing, shipping and and the purchase of frames for the exhibition.

Prints (Posters, stickers, tote bags) : 400€
Frames : 100€

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