Sorg & Napoleon Maddox • 1er ALBUM "Checkin Us"

Our Debut Album "Checkin Us" is ready, we are in a rush to present it to you! Help us to finance it, buying the album on presale.

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Sorg & Napoleon Maddox • 1er ALBUM "Checkin Us"

"The new emperors of HipHop as we like it, actual and instantaneously classic" - SOUL KITCHEN, 2018

© Thomas Fournier


Sorg & Napoleon Maddox is an incredible meeting between a young French beatmaker, Sorg, and a American MC, Napoleon Maddox, leader of the band IsWhat?!. A sharp-edged flow on modern and dynamic beats. The duet delivers hypnotic Hip-hop with French touch Electronica, exploring their various influences: Soul and Gospel of Napoleon's childhood, and Blues of Sorg's, the mark of World Music, and one keyword: the GROOVE !!

Engaged lyrics, bouncing beats, this is their formula: "simple et efficace" ! 




After two EPs and a lot of gigs between 2014 and 2017 across France, USA, Italy and Switzerland; Sorg & Napoleon Maddox are finally releasing their 1st album "Checkin Us".  They’ve brought 11 tracks together featuring friends: Marc Nammour (La Canaille / FR), José Shungu (La Cédille, Green Shop / FR) et Boogie Bang (ISWHAT?!, Red Eye Blue / Cincinnati, USA).


The album will be released on march 9th available on CD and Vinyl. Cover design by Ease, the digital graphic artist of the project.


Listen to the first track "Shark Men" (preview) ! 



This adventure started in 2013 with the track "Wild West" on the 2nd EP of Sorg "16 Diamonds", their first collaboration. Quickly they launched the project, and the two musicians started touring in France. The 1st EP "Ribbons & Razors" was released in 2014, and the 2nd one "Soon" in 2016 featuring the excellent Gaël Faye, José Shungu, and Boogie Bang on the classic "Security". 


☛ RIBBONS & RAZORS - [2014, EP, 6 tracks]



☛ SOON - [2016, EP, 6 tracks]



With more than 60 gigs together, it's on the stage that the project reveals its power. Sorg & Napoleon Maddox deliver an energetic, captivating show that takes us back to golden age Hip-hop.

Check all the gigs of the "Checkin Us" tour in France during March/April 2018.


08.03 • LE MANS | TBA

09.03 • NANTES | Stereolux - Festival Hip OPsession - Tickets

16.03 • MACON | La Cave à Musique - Tickets 

18.03 • STRASBOURG | Fat Black Pussycat - Festival Ind’Hip’Hop - Tickets

21.03 • PARIS | Le Hasard Ludique 

29.03 • BESANÇON | Les Passagers du Zinc

06.04 • MAUBEC | Gare de Coustellet - Tickets

07.04 • DIJON | Péniche Cancale 

27.04 • AGEN | Le Florida - 1ère partie de Gaël Faye - Tickets


Booking: AFX -


© Pierre Etienne


© Bastien Jourdet

Waar dient de collecte voor

We are producing this album independently, but we are surrounded with professional collaborators necessary for promotion, design and distribution. The album will be available in shops across France (FNAC, ...).

However, without a record label, we are paying all the costs of this production. Obviously, this is an expensive undertaking. For this reason, we request your financial assistance. Of course, we have prepared beautiful rewards in exchange for your financial support, (CD, vinyls, shirts, private workshops, collaborations, ...).


The costs in details: 

- Mastering: 400€

- Artwork & Design: 400€

- Press + SDRM costs: 1800€

- Merchandising (t-shirts, stickers, ...): 500€

- Promotion: 1500€

- KissKissBankBank commission: 400€ 


The fundraising will be transferred directly on the account of Léo Dufourt (Sorg) who will be in charge of the repartition of the costs.

If we reach the objective of 5000€, we will spend the profits making a new video clip.



The collaborators of the album are as follows: 


CD & Vinyl Distribution: L'Autre Distribution

Digital Distribution: IDOL

Promotion: Ping Pong

Publishing: Alter-K

Booking: AFX

Artwork & Design: Ease

Mastering: Thomas Fournier

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