"Sound The Charge !!!!" - Nouvel Album

10 years of creative energy dedicated to the Rock music, as a result : "Sound the Charge" ... click, check and give your support!

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"Sound The Charge !!!!" - Nouvel Album

Without any kind of pretention this is what can be said when people see us on stage :


"[...]I'm here in the openning act of Johnny Winter's venue with a band that i've never heard of and which really surprised me.The HOST is a magical pop/rock trio influenced by mythicals bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zep, etc...[...]

The band knows how to hold the audience breath thanks to their tunes, with some strong guitar solos, with steady and accurate Thomas' drumming. In the same time the tender, deep and gliding voice of Jullien strengthenned by the subtle playing style of Vincent contribute to the show quality.

The audience does not save his applauses after every songs to express its recognition to this unique band which knows how to share a musical pleasure legacy from the best years." Janfi - Concert and Co Translate by T.Campion


After 10 years of self producing, 1 album, 2 EP, 150 gigs, we keep on composing and interpreting in the most sincere way, the music built with our real-life experiences and others influences.


By now, we're inlarging the handful of inflexible fellows that records, films and supports us and made us tour.We are inviting you to take part in the process and to make this adventure going on, this adventure that keep our determined rock music alive.





Listen to " Lovesick", one of the 13 tracks outcoming album : 







Here's a meeting with the little HOST family :







From left to right  : Jullien vocals, guitar - Thomas drums - Vincent bass.






The Director's cut : "Sofair" (Sofiane et Eric, film makers/producers), always on the edge to catch our best figure...and you need some skills to do it well !






Olivier, "it's a kind of magic" sound live engineer.







Blight (Beware of the picture...it's not reliable, he is very kind and not "wanted"), who make us tour through beautiful places to get in touch with you. 






Victoria (aka Vic "butch"), who get the best of us in studio.








The HOST Mobile : after two frontier police controls, a thousand miles, loaded like a mule, being harassed by some "losing control" passengers... it's still there, faithful , vaillant...all bumpers ready!




Now that you know the whole little family , let's talk about what bring you and us here : 


There are two goals :


- financing the promotion of our last album (we're looking for a label, a Producer...) 

- financing merchandising for our venues.



"March!!!!" :










Waar dient de collecte voor

The Band and their associative financing structure "The Factory" payed for the producing and the recording of this new album for an amount of 10 000 €, thanks to the sellings of the former merchandising (T-Shirts,CD) but also with our own private investment and with the support of local french state institution.



Recording cost :


- pre-production : 1500 €

- recording session : 1800 €

- mixing and mastering : 2800 €



Left to pay :


- SACEM / SDRM (legal french taxes) : 1600 €

- making of Vinyls + CD's : 2300 €


TOTAL : 10 000€


To end this recording we have to pick up enough money to finance the two lasts subjects above.


Our goal is to get 3900 €.





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