Soutien tournee OOups

Support for the tour of "OOups! " an original, nutty show with an unbridled rhythm, which talks about money in a humorous way.

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Soutien tournee OOups



We are a circus, dance and physical theatre company, based in Brussels.

Currently, we are looking for gigs in order to play our last show "OOups! ".

An original performance combining acrobatics, juggling and beat boxing

Two acolytes’ traders, played by Gaspard Herblot and Anthony Lefebvre are on the run after a misappropriation of funds...

A crazy / nutty show with an unbridled rhythm, that talks about money in a humorous, musical and visual way.


Through its family ambience, its universality, without text, actual trending topic, thus are aspects that facilitate its international broadcast and all kind of audiences and children / schools great welcome.


It’s available in different formulas between 10 and 50 minutes suitable for indoor and outdoor.


What the press has said:

The soundtrack creates the atmosphere and the public is involved

MiramirO Festival 2013.

A range of expressive techniques, visual and audible animates this show full of humor and action" Jeanne Pigeon. Theatre Montagne Magique. Brussels 2014

“Surprising the audience with exceptional physical strength acts"

Sibiu International Theatre Festival 2014


What the audience has said:

Here are the feedbacks from the children between 8 and 10 years old, which came to see us with their school, in March 2014 at GC De Kroon,Brussels:

It was fun and cool” Amine

It was super and it's worth a look”




If we manage to set up a nice tour, it will allow us to:


- Be able to share it with many audiences, especially in the frame of street festivals (with free entrance and guarantors of access to culture for everyone in a democratic and generous way)


- Recover some of its creation’s costs. Mainly the salaries of the artists (sound and light technician, performers, costume designer, director, video artist ...) and to have a little budget for our future creations.


- To engage regularly the artistic team in order that they can make a decent living from their profession.


-       Solidify the existence of our small company (although very dynamic and professional)


A key to our broadcast’s success is to participate at important european markets and festivals,(Chalons In The Street, Freiburg Kulturboerse, Fira Tarrega, Namur en Mai, Spoffin festival, Avignon, Edimburg ...) These festivals are "the meeting point" of festivals and theatres programmers (those who buy / programmed shows) from Europe but also from around the world.


To attend and present and / or play our shows in the frame of these festivals, we are constrained to find funding sources in order to cover our costs and that's’ because almost always, these festivals do not offer any remuneration to the companies.


Without your help, we will not be able to participate... and it may be the end of our great show ...


Waar dient de collecte voor




Your contribution will help us cover some of our transport, salaries, per diem, accommodation and our communication tools printing (posters, flyers, rental booth) costs in order to be able to attend to one of these festivals

Concretely to the very prestigious and important stage arts market, in Freiburg Germany, from 27 till 29 January 2015, where we are selected to participate.


Here is the quote / our costs list of this great and unique chance:

Inscription show / stand : 310 €


       2 rooms € 60 X 2 nights = 240 €

       1 room € 60 x 3 nights = 180 €

Flyers and posters printing: 250 €

Salary: € 150 x 3 artists x 2 representations on 2 days = 900 €


      Brussels - Freiburg go and return, by car are 1046 Km x € 0.3468 = € 362,75 + € 26 tolls = € 388,75

Per diem:

      € 24 x 2 artists x 3 days = 144 €

      € 24 X 1 artist / broadcaster X 4 days = 96 €

Phone / Mobile / Internet: 50 €

Subtotal: 2652,13 €

Unexpected 5 %: € 132,60

Total: € 2784,62

Minus WBI Wallonie Bruxelles International funding: € 332.37

Minus capital from our company: € 1452,36

We still have to find € 1000


If we exceed our goal, the amounts will be used for the future participation of our company in one, two ... festivals mentioned here above and / or to reduce the contribution of our company.

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