Help us to create the new Sphynx Calendar here, so we can finance the money for this project (all proceeds are donated to HCM Research) !


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Sphynx Calendar 2016  supports HCM Research            

  Pre-order your copy now! Value: 12 Euro/copy




For Sphynxlovers all over the world ♥ Unique calendar with original (not yet published) photos!


This project was started by Kathy Ruyssers from Sphynxcattery Zero Pelagio and the first edition was in 2008. Photographs were made by owners and breeders of the Sphynx cat(s) and given with permission to publish. HCM was not yet well known, so this was a great way to spread the word for HCM Awareness!!




                              (one of the 12 pictures of the 2008-edition)


Kathy had spend time and work in this project for many years and with the help of other Sphynxlovers, she could sell the calendar to other countries in Europe and even in the USA :-D This resulted in a big funding for the HCM Research in America (Winn Feline Foundation). The last edition was in 2014...



                                                       me (Sara) & Sarandy's Alice (above)

                                                            Brooke on a holiday (below)



As many Sphynxlovers asked for the Sphynx Calendar 2015, I decided to take over her project as I am a proud Sphynx owner. Also a strong advocate for HCM Awareness. I helped Kathy with selling calendars and now I'm completely involved in this valuable project. Together with Brooke Arnold I'm a co-administrator of the Facebookpage:




About the HCM Research:

Dr. Meurs, who is board certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Cardiology), focuses her lab's research in the area of genetic aspects of cardiovascular disease. Research support for this project also comes from the Sphynx Cat breeders and owners. Dr. Kathryn Meurs, professor and associate dean for research and graduate studies at NC State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, is a recipient of a Winn Feline Foundation research grant to study feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), the most common cause of heart disease in the adult cat.





Hier dient het geld voor...

1700 euro: to order copies of the calendar ( made by Vistaprint)

 300 euro: shipping costs to send a high amount to other countries like Norway, Finland, Sweden, the Sphynx Cat Club France, Sphynx facebook group France & USA (distribution by Brooke Arnold)


2000 euro


If I collect more money, I will order more copies that can be sold and therefore more proceeds for the HCM Research of Dr. Kate Meurs. 


About me: My name is Sara De Belder and I'm from Belgium, Europe. Responsible for making the new calendar, ordering it and sending to all buyers and distributors. I thank everyone who donated and supported this cause and helped in any way! Let's make one step further in ending the disease, with the hope that some day we'll never have to think about HCM... Meer bekijken

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Go on with the good work!!!!
Go on with the good work!!!!
Hcm the sillence killer, natuurlijk steun ik dit project!