Spiritual Mandala Colouring Calendar 2018

Join me in this journey through the year supporting my calendar featuring 12 beautiful Mandalas to colour yourself for a mindfulness moment!

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Spiritual Mandala Colouring Calendar 2018



Hello, I am Mara!

An argentinian girl that came to France in 2007 following the love of my life.

Since then I have lived and worked in Paris, though I still miss my country and my family every day!

I have a degree in Graphic Design and have worked doing the layout for magazines and I also taught in the University for the first years of my professional life. Afterwards, I started working in the advertising world as a set designer and stylist assistant. And that's what I do for living, but what I really enjoy is to draw!



I can't remember when I started drawing because it was always a part of me. But since arriving in France I have been doing it more and more; at the beginning as a kind of therapy and later as a need for expression. I love to do collages and to paint using many many colours. At this very moment, I am using indian ink and water colours. I like experimenting with the visual power of thick black ink against the pristine white background of paper. Drawing helps me express myself: to put into visual form the way I feel and think.



Last summer I started working on a series of mandalas. The idea came to me after looking at a slice of cucumber!... Can you believe that...? Nature it so beautiful and inspiring!  So I started creating these nature inspired mandalas as a way of meditation. After drawing a few of them, I thought it would be nice to share these drawings in some other way than on social networks... I wanted to create an every day object with them so the idea of this calendar came up. I have already drawn 13 mandalas and designed each month and the cover for my calendar. Everything is ready! I only need to print it, and here is where I need you!



Waar dient de collecte voor

Raising money will help me to print these calendars and at the same time pre-sell them. Crowd-funding allows me share my art with the whole world as well as finding support to keep on creating. Every month, all through the year, my mandalas will help you to organise your days and at the same time decorate your wall. You can choose either to leave them in black and white or you can give yourself a meditative moment by colouring them in yourself.


By Pre-ordering the calendar you will help me to cover the following fees :

Printing : € 2500

Shipping Fees : € 800

KissKissBankBank fees campaign (5%) € 175

Bank transfers and credit card processor (3%) € 105

Total : € 3500 

I will receive the funds on my bank account and from there pay the print company and the delivery of the calendars and rewards.


If I get over the 100% funding ?

First I will be able to pay for the material used for the rewards and depending on how much I get over, I will definitely print more calendars (initially 200) to be offer in boutiques in Paris and Buenos Aires. 



Apart from the calendars I would also like to share with you all my creations. I will propose different rewards like Mandalas postcards, drawings in HD or you can even get an original of one of my illustrations, included some of the mandalas contained in this calendar. There is also a book in spanish with my illustrations to give as a special gift.


 If you have a STORE, please contact me! You can make a corresponding contribution for the desired number of copies!

Last but not least, if it transpires that you cannot contribute to this project, you can always help me with this campaign by sharing it with friend and family! 


For more of my work, check out www.maragonzaleztelmo.com


FAQ If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to contact me directly.


Thank YOU!

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