Stage de Football des petits champions de 5/14 ans

Help us to organize Football Holiday Camps for Children !! Make their dreams come true.

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Stage de Football des petits champions de 5/14 ans

Football raises entire populations and breaks the boundaries between people and cultures.


Hi There,


We are 4 huge ambitious Football lovers.


We created the Association Champions of Provence to give a chance to Children to practice their passion in an exceptional framework.


Our approach is honest and sincere.


From difficult environments, it qualifies us today from those who have "succeeded in their life."

We are proud of our achievement throughout the course our careers.

Yes, the way to achieve our goals has given meaning to this project from the start and the means to get there.

Now in hindsight, we are fully aware that sport particularly football has "saved" our life.

Our experience in Sports has taught us how to succeed in difficulties.



Today it is time for us to pass on our knowledge through Football.

Sport should be an integral part of our life and practice from an early age, with a professional supervision that can be achieved.


In July 2015, we organised a training camp in Meyreuil (13), which brought together 65 children every week.

This first edition was a success, with brilliant press coverage.

We had the presence of many Olympic de Marseilles footballers, for the delight of the children.



To be in tune with our philosophy, we recruited the Best Coaches in the Region (some are former professional players). These educators believe in our project and invested themselves voluntarily.



During this training camp, beyond the sporting interest, each child learns to develop his interpersonal skills such as self-esteem, positive thinking, and fair play...

We also provided them with the highest quality of equipment and infrastructure.

We encouraged training in real conditions as it is in the world of Professionals.



During the training camp, we witness real joy and happiness mixed with excitement in the faces of 65 children, and that was our greatest success!


We finance the project without any assistance or subsidy, to achieve this Challenge.


We did not anticipated such great enthusiasm and were submerged with demands so had to turn down additional pupils our resources were limited.



This time, Thanks to YOU, we set the goal to welcome 150 happy children every week.

This project is also yours, because they are your children that will make the world of tomorrow.

Provide them with the tools to learn and achieve.


Sport holds an important role in our society, it aims to be informative, educational and above all the route to maintain essential human values.


As Pierre de Coubertin once said:


"The sport fetches the fear to dominate, the fatigue to triumph over it, the difficulty to overcome her"


Why not you?


This project is the first steps, which aims to bring together children from all backgrounds for the same cause.

By this movement of solidarity, we can aim high and more.


Whether you are passionate about football, sports or simply life lovers

Life, We need YOU.


Join our family, as this is the beginning of a long and exciting adventure.



Waar dient de collecte voor

Why are we collecting funds?


From February 2016, and during each school holiday, we will organise internships for 150 children 5-14 years old Monday to Friday.


The € 13,000 will help pay:


1 / Organisation € 5,000

This is mainly catering costs for Children; outings to activities, various payments to helpers for the animation courses, bus transfer, all of our communication campaign events...


3 / Volunteers € 3,000

In total, we have 25 volunteers from the 4 corners of the region to lend us a strong hand. We are entirely grateful, we wish to repay their travel costs of 20 € per week. This would cover the cost of 6 weeks of training.


4 / The equipment and materials € 5,000

We dug into our savings to fund some of the material for the start of our previous course, now we need

€ 5,000 to work in better conditions.






For every contribution tax deduction up to 66%




Exceeded Amount?


Thanks to your generosity, the children's happiness will be multiplied.


We will strive to make the events at the height of your donations.

- Accommodate a larger number of children.

- Organising trips abroad in professional clubs and attend training


- Benefit from Top mental coaches expertise

We promise to be entirely transparent about our actions,

You will be constantly informed of the project progress.









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