Fight Loneliness with the app: Let It Go

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Fight Loneliness with the app: Let It Go

<p>2020 is a turning point for all of humanity. In addition to the health and economic crisis caused by the Covid-19, there is a major societal crisis. This highlights a problem that is little or badly addressed:&nbsp;loneliness.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> In its annual report on isolation, published in 2019, the Fondation de France once again highlighted this growing challenge, which estimated that Loneliness affects&nbsp;7 million&nbsp;of French people (13%&nbsp;of the population).&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Loneliness can temporarily or permanently affect your mental health and does not obey the traditional barriers that you could imagine such as:&nbsp;social class,&nbsp;age,&nbsp;professional situation&nbsp;and&nbsp;place of residence among others.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <br /> Mental health is precious. Without it, it is more difficult for you to overcome the challenges that punctuate your daily&nbsp;life such as:&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <br /> - studies;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <br /> - work;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <br /> - friendship;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <br /> - couple;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <br /> - parenthood;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <br /> - sexual identity.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <br /> In a&nbsp;Harvard Business Review&nbsp;article, Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, former Surgeon General of the United States, wrote:&nbsp;&quot;Loneliness and weak social ties are associated with reduced lifespan similar to that caused by smoking 15 cigarettes a day and even greater than that associated with obesity&rdquo;. Loneliness also causes an additional risk of developing cardiovascular disease. It also results in an increase in the level of&nbsp;cortisol, a stress hormone that causes mental and physical disorders.<br /> <br /> <br /> Let It Go&nbsp;aims through its mobile application&nbsp;to give to each lonely person and victim of the side effects of loneliness:&nbsp;depression,anxiety,&nbsp;stressa moment of well-being, kindness, sharing and support without any judgment or discrimination.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <br /> Let It Go&nbsp;will bring&nbsp;you a bubble during which you can be you,&nbsp;and only you, without mask. Each available slot will last&nbsp;15 minutes&nbsp;and will be renewable as much as you want. The app will be available 24/7. There will be a tailored offer for companies and private customers<br /> <br /> PS: The price of a slot is still under consideration as we are still in the reasoning phase.<br /> <br /> Let&#39;s tackle this global challenge together!<br /> <br /> Thanks&nbsp;in advance for you help and please do not hesitate to share my thought regarding our project :)</p>

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<p><strong>Your contribution will help us to develop the application with an incredible team of DevOps :) Our aim is to lunch the App as soon as possible to help people in need.&nbsp;</strong></p>


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