Street Art au Moyen Orient avec Solid'Art International

Help us finance and realize this beautiful project in the Middle East.

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Street Art au Moyen Orient avec Solid'Art International

Street Art in the Middle East with Solid'Art International

We are two artists: Jinks Kunst / Street Art and Vincent Prieur / Photo Reportage. We present our artistic and humanitarian project in the Middle East which will run from March to April 2019. For security reasons we can not communicate our itinerary.

Jinks Kunst is a multidisciplinary street artist based in Nantes who has already traveled a large part of the globe (more than 20 countries) to share his art. Through his multiple travels he exhibits his art and produces murals. Jinks ranks in urban contemporary art, among other things, ephemeral city paintings, for example, in 2015, where he participated in the decoration of the slum of Sidi Moumen in Casablanca (Morocco).
Jinks Kunst website

Jinks in Tambacounda with talibé children for the Festival of the Union organized by the association Dugu Tigui:

Vincent Prieur is a committed independent reporter who wants to make his art, photography, a lever for improvement for people in difficulty. Indeed, as a humanist he aims, through the realization of his clichés, to report poignant testimonies transmitting emotions that he hopes useful for a collective and international awareness.

By going to meet the local populations and the different actors working to improve their human conditions, such as NGOs, associations or Peoples Protection Units, we want to create a social bond through art thanks to the realization of collective pictorial works during introductory workshops on Urban Art. Thus, in addition to the humanitarian term, we could also talk about Pedagogic Project.

Jinks in a workshop in Beni, Nepal with the Frozen Cactus association for the Prasad project organized by ArtLab

Several objectives will help to create or revive this social bond of ashes and ruins of these beautiful countries devastated and devastated: Foster expression and creativity, develop artistic skills among young and old and may offer them a new vocation, to open to the outside world by proposing to the inhabitants to make speak their walls and their districts ... simply to bring a moment of respite and joy to these populations too often forgotten by the International Community.

Jinks in workshop at the French Institute of Abidjan with the association Amigo which takes care of the children of the streets:
Finally, the realization of a photo report will provide an international dimension to this humanitarian project through exhibitions and books.

On site we will organize frescoes and initiation workshops with local people.
Jinks in workshop at the Ngaye Mékhé primary school in Senegal:

You can discover the actions of solid'Art International on
Cover photo credit: AMER ALMOHIBANY / AFP

Waar dient de collecte voor

The Solid'Art International association will cover part of the costs thanks to the actions carried out in 2018.

A second part of our expenses will be supported by the French Institutes and French Schools which we will receive for the realization of frescoes and the organization of workshops of initiations which we will realize in a voluntary way on the spot.

It is a dangerous and expensive project, both on the material investment and on the personal investment; it is for this reason that we appeal to your generosity and your big heart to help us realize this project.

Collection will help us pay a portion of our expenses:

  • 840 € for airline tickets
  • 450 € for car trips to cross the borders
  • 260 € for visas)
  • 1000 € for security equipment (Kevlar helmets and bullet-proof vests Nij IV)
  • 300 € for the material needed to organize the workshops and realize the frescoes
  • 720 € for meals
  • 720 € for accommodation
  • 430 € for the unforeseen

The association Solid'Art International based in Nantes will collect the entire collection
If we get more than 1200 € we can better equip us with safety equipment. The ideal for us would be to get 2400 € to cover part of the expenses.

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