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Super Kiblind, the mega collection of illustrations, hits the stage at the end of every year focusing on showcasing young illustrators from around the world. And... here it comes with a 4 added to the end of its name and the desire to place the spotlight on the great revival of contemporary illustration through 288 pages bubbling over with illustrations, portfolios and secret bits & pieces about everybody who played a part in making the pages of Kiblind Magazine a feast for the eyes in 2020. How about getting this jumbo giant delivered to your letterbox before anyone else, and before it hits the bookstores by pre-ordering now.

Kiblind, the Lyon-Paris-based magazine that's been magically-monomaniac and super-sentimental since 2004, meticulously centre stages the original creations of talented young artists which it adores across its pages every quarter. A few years ago, Kiblind decided to throw itself body and soul into its burning passion: contemporary illustration. Every quarter, it religiously brings together the illustrations of artists who let their imagination run free in the spirit of the themes chosen.

To showcase the creations of the girls & guys who invite us to glimpse the world through their eyes and their art, we've got into the habit of publishing a hulk of a book at the end of every year, a sketched track record of the year gone by bearing witness to the richness of current-day illustration.

After Super Kiblind 3 published last winter, it's time to introduce you to the newest member of the family, which goes under the name of (following intense team brainstorming) Super Kiblind 4. This wonderful, soft-to-the-touch object with its woody scent, printed with tender, loving care, spanning 288 pages, brings together the work of 24 artists who've become masters in the art of capturing fragments of life on paper. A bilingual collection, a weaveworld of portfolios, different walks of life and multiple sources of inspiration.

Oh, and as we just love letting you choose: Super Kiblind 4 is available with three different covers reproducing the covers of the 3 Kiblind Magazines issued this year illustrated by Ugo Bienvenu (Mysticism), Jon McNaught (Weather) and Hel Covell (Best Friends). So, it's up to you to choose the one that tickles your fancy the most.

In a nutshell, Super Kiblind is:

📕 288 pages

📕 24 young illustrators

📕 Portfolios, interviews and bios

📕 3 themes: Mysticism, Weather & Best Friends

📕 Texts in English and in French

📕 A choice of 3 covers

And for any tech-savvy out there:

📕 A Hardcover, warmred-printed on Fedrigoni imitlin paper and screen-printed using Pantone 72U

In this bumper edition, you'll discover artwork and portfolios by the following illustrators who contributed to the Mysticism, Weather and Best Friends issues: Ugo Bienvenu, Cynthia Alfonso, Élie Huault, Claire Nicolet, Gaëlle Loth, Liana Mihailova, Peter Gamlen, Junie Briffaz, Jon McNaught, Clémence Sauvage, Gaëlle Malenfant, Marie Larrivé, Takashi Nakamura, Valentin Lergès, Zack Rosebrugh, Linda Merad, Hel Covell, Barbarian Flower, Charlotte Bresler, Max Baitinger, Melek Zertal, Owen Pomery, Rob en Robin & Clarisse Lochmann.

It's definitely worth mentioning this Super Kiblind 4 pre-order campaign which ensures you get it delivered to your letterbox before anyone else, before it hits the bookstores (planned for January), and, all that without having to pay shipping costs.

As for us, it means we don't have to play it by ear and enables us to ease book production costs.

Kiblind likes to do things one at a time. It began with a magazine dedicated to visual culture and contemporary illustration that was launched in 2004. A few years later, the team formed an agency based in Lyon and Paris specializing in visual communication and artistic collaborations for cultural venues, brands, institutions and media. To indulge their guilty pleasure, in autumn 2017, they opened their own studio in Lyon, a new space for exhibitions and production to further develop the magazine's artistic vision, through the creation of illustrated objects using printing techniques, particularly risograph. At the same time, the magazine also embarked on the great adventure of publishing, releasing the annual Super Kiblind collections, the En diagonale and Azur illustrated reports as well as art books.

In its human form, Kiblind, is also and first and foremost Agathe, Alix, Charlotte, Elora, Gabriel, Jean, Jérémie, Justine Maxime & Olivier.

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In a period where the small business sector is under great strain, pre-ordering our next book will help us cushion costs for purchasing paper, printing and the upcoming publication. Oh, and the book costs €35, so as you'll have guessed, shipping costs are our gift to you.


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