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Support Yves Pro MMA athlete

Hi, I'm Estelle Jean.


I am a humanitarian worker and founder of Sport For Refugees.


I started volunteering in Greece last year to find responses to the current refugee crisis.


In October last year, I decided to create my own project, Sport For Refugees, to get refugees motivated, healthy and to keep them away from depression.



I have come across Yves Antibe Zanga last December as I was setting up the project in Lesvos and I am now trying to support him in continuing his professional athlete career in Mixed Martial Arts.





Hi, my name is Yves Antibe Zanga Adalbert. I’m 22 and I am from Cameroon. I do different sports such as kick-boxing, Muay Thai boxing, Full-contact and Sambo. I am a professional Mixed Martial Arts athlete.


I started doing sports when I was a kid: after that my dad initiated me to traditional karate when I was 5yo.


Today, as a refugee, sport is essential in my life; it’s the one thing that calms me down. The tatami or the ring are the only places where I can find quietness and inner peace.





Sport For Refugees chose to support Yves because of his athlete profile and his behavior: he is a great teacher, he knows how to motivate his peers and to advise them as best as possible.

He is a honest and kind person who always sees the positive aspect in everyone and every situation.



 As soon as we can collect this amount, I will be able to give Yves the funds to train in Octagone club in Athens.


Provisional timetable: reception of the funds in February. Start of Yves's training in the club. Participation of Yves to competitions in April/May.

I would be able to go visit Yves during his trainings in February in Athens.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The funds will help Yves to continue training and be able to get ready for coming competitions.


What he needs:


- 75 € for the registration fees due to his club in Athens;


- 125 € of equipment: gloves, protections, head gears, boxing shoes, elbow pads.



If we can collect more funds for this project, it will be kept for the second semester of Yves's training.





The funds will be collected on the bank account of the NGO Sport For Refugees and will be transferred to Yves to pay his equipment and registrations fees.

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