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Sur les toits de deux mondes

Help me to make this film taking place in two snowy landscapes at 5000 meters above sea level!

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Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains ondersteunt het project: Sur les toits de deux mondes

Sur les toits de deux mondes

Throughout this history we will discover the psychology of two characters, their desire to live apart and their bodies undergoing metamorphoses.


The story takes place in two mountainous landscapes that contradict each other and fade into one another: the volcanic landscapes of Mexico, and the valleys of the Tarentaise near Mont Blanc.


The film is based on two characters who come from a fantastic literary tradition. It is a parallel, dislocated and anachronistic narrative.  





The two protagonists of history: The nun lieutenant Alferez and Fanuel are two hermits who lived in autarky in these two territories, the film is about  their last ascent in the mountain before dying.




I am interested in these two mystical fables, written originally in Old French and Old Spanish, because of their anachronism,i would like to give birth to a narrative between fiction and reality.


Fanuel and Alferez appear in this film as deities who observe changes through ages and landscapes, (which are also indefinite), exploring the possibilities of crossing these vanished voices, these forgotten words.





The two characters have a close connection with the mountain landscapes, in my film the mountains are characters in their own way, they are of immense beauty and at the same time a symbol of constant oppression, the landscape is a mirror of The state of mind of the two mystics.  





In both accounts, the bodies of the characters are mutating, in the case of Fanuel it is a blessing that generates and which allows his body to give birth to a child who is Saint Anne, the great mother of Jesus. His leg is like an incarnate word, within which all incarnated stories are contained.


For Alferez it is a matter of self generating its own identities, its feminine identity produces its future masculine self, it traverses the old and new kingdoms in the manner of an Orlando, it abolishes the notion of frontier in the Earth space because she abolishes the notion of gender inside her.




The Orizaba Peak (Mexico) - March 2017, The team and me will climb up to its 5700 meters and around the crater, as well as in two villages down the mountain




The valley of Tarentaise (France) - April 2017, We will film in several refuges and churches located in the villages of Tarentaise.






The filming part of Mexico is scheduled for the last two weeks of March 2017.


The filming part in France part is scheduled for the first two weeks of April 2017.


Post-production is scheduled between April 15 and May 31, 2017.


The film will be finalized in June, it will be broadcast during the exhibition Panorama 19 at the Fresnoy - National Studio of Contemporary Arts in Tourcoing in October 2017, the same institution is responsible for broadcasting the film in festivals in France and abroad and to ensure distribution.







Shooting support: Digital - Film Camera: Aaton 1902 / Bolex 1600

Sound: Ratio Multichannel Image: 1.85

Broadcast media: DCP 5.1

Duration: about 15 minutes



Vir Andres HERA


Sound engineer




Maria Alicia TEJEDA





Montage Image

Vir Andres HERA


Sound Editing



Voice off

Madeleine VAN DOREN


Actors Sébastien HOFFMANN (Fanuel)






Bettina BLANC-PENTHER (Alferez)













Waar dient de collecte voor

What is the purpose of collecting this money?

The film is produced by Le Fresnoy, National Studio of Contemporary Arts, but we need extra help, your money would offer more comfort to make the film happen in better conditions.


Your participation will be used to cover some of the following costs, but if we exceed this amount, it will help us to fully cover these expenses:



 - Rent the equipment of mountaineering and lodge the team of five people for the Mexico part during the two weeks of filming in Pico de Orizaba, with the company Villas Pico de Orizaba (This includes the 5 days of ascent of the Pic + The tents + the food + the mountain guide who will accompany us)


300 € per person 1500 € for 5 people in total


- Financing the cost of 16MM films and their development in a laboratory in Mexico in 2K and in Belgium in Telecine.


1500 € in total


- Cover a car rental in Mexico about 1600 km in total  


300 €

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Your name in the credits :)
  • Levering Juni 2017

Voor €30

A non-downloadable Vimeo link of the movie + the name in the credits + thousand thanks
  • Levering Juni 2017

Voor €50

A small bag of grasshoppers freshly brought from Mexico (local specialty) + all the previous counterparts + all my gratitude
  • Beschikbaarheid: 20/20
  • Levering Juni 2017

Voor €70

A photograph of the shooting printed on silver paper (A4 format) + Previous counterparts + great thanks
  • Beschikbaarheid: 15/15
  • Levering Juni 2017

Voor €100

A hand-bound notebook with photographs and texts about the story of Fanuel and the Nun Alferez (about 50 pages) + all my thanks
  • Beschikbaarheid: 8/8
  • Levering Juni 2017

Voor €200

An invitation to follow one of the steps of post-production of the film (editing, sound editing, voice-over recording) + previous counterparts. + Great thanks!
  • Beschikbaarheid: 4/4
  • Levering Juni 2017

Voor €350

An invitation to share a Mexican-Savoyard dinner in my studio to talk about the film + all the previous counterparts + thanks a thousand times
  • Beschikbaarheid: 3/3
  • Levering Juni 2017

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