Surfing 4 Peace 2014 Summit

Beyond conflicts, common grounds gather together: share in the success of our youth-in-the-Med exchange program for Peace !

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Surfing 4 Peace 2014 Summit

In a particularly dramatic political context, Surfing for Peace reaffirms today, more than ever, its commitment  to shared values of peace, exchange and dialogue. Our commitment is to bridge political and cultural barriers while sharing our common ground: passion for riding.


From September 20th to September 28th, 20 Palestinians, Israelis and 6 other mediterranean delegations will gather to bring our communities closer through our common passion for surfing.


An exchange program between local youth surf and skate associations from around the Mediterranean basin will officially be launched during the event.


Our goal?


To promote dialogue, understanding and movement. At the moment, several key borders in the Mediterranean are completely closed. We are convinced that 3000 years of both conflict and cooperation could be gradually washed away by an awesome wave of exchange. "If people can surf together, they can live together." (Dorian Paskowitz)


Our strategy?


Building an exchange program featuring young Mediterraneans and sports club officers on behalf of Surfing 4 Peace. We'll start it out in 2014 and then do it again twice a year from 2015! We strongly believe that if we make a combined effort to meet our neighbors, we will find a way to get along! 





S4P Summit 2014 will feature:


8 represented regions: Algeria, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Turkey, France.


- A summit reuniting 20 Med sports club officers, to create Surfing 4 Peace exchange program.


- A first exchange with 20 young Mediterraneans, a 9-day surf trip from Marseille to Biarritz


- The International Day of Peace 2014, on Septembre 21st, at Marseille's "Vieux Port" (Old Port) (Stand-Up Paddle happening, stands with our partners from Mouvement de la Paix , Mediterranean Women Forum, Anna Lindh Foundation and Writers for Peace, concert on the beach (North Prado in Marseille)...)





Our youngsters, community leaders and surfclub officers coming from:

. Viareggio Italy (Viareggio Surf Club)

. Beyrouth Lebanon

. Batroun Lebanon (Batroun Water Sports)

. Jiyeh Lebanon (Surf Lebanon)

. Algeria

. Morocco

. Tel Aviv Israel (Top Sea Surf Club)

. Ramallah Cisjordany (Skate Pal)

. Kerpe (Istambul) Turkey (Danube Surfboards)



. Viareggio Italie (Viareggio Surf Club)

. Beyrouth Liban 

. Batroun Liban (Batroun Water Sports)

. Jiyeh Liban (Surf Lebanon)

. Algérie

. Maroc

. Tel Aviv Israël (Top Sea Surf Club)

. Ramallah Cisjordanie (Skate Pal)

. Kerpe (Istambul) Turquie (Danube Surf House)






The program:






MARSEILLE September 20th-22nd


Opening party at night co-organized with the Sardine Surf Club.

International Day of Peace: Stand-up Paddle happening at Marseille's "vieux port" (old port), Surfing 4 Peace village and concert in front of the MUCEM museum.


BIARRITZ September 23rd-27th


Sport wokshops co-organized with SURF INSERTION.

Freesurf and action sport - skate show & DJ Set. Surf and skateboarding workshops co-organized with the BASCS club.

Surfing 4 Peace Summit: Meeting with local surfclubs to determine the terms and logistics of the future exchanges for 2015 and so on.








             International Day of Peace, Paris, September 21st 2013







Ofer Bronstein - 40 years of Peace militantism at the highest level, co-founder of the International Forum For Peace co founder

Karima Direche - Scientist, Director of the French Institute of Research Abroad Tunis (IFRE)

Samia Hathroubi - Human Right Activist, Foundation For Ethnic Understanding (

Nadia Khiari - Cartoonist

Jean-Pierre Lledo - historian and film director








Waar dient de collecte voor

We need 6000€ to pay for the logistics of 11 participants for 8 days (60€ per day):


- housing (180 nights!)

- transport (2000km)

- food (300 meals!)


All our participants will contribute to the trip by paying their flight tickets.


Every other donation beyond 6000€ will help us financing a thorough press relations campaign and spreading our initiative on a greater scale (flyer printing, PR intern...).


We are so grateful for our partners Gymglish, Jaws Energy Drink, Turquoise Surf Travel, Ozed, Enkirama and Greenfix which have been so helpful (for instance for visa costs, insurances; communication; video fees; S4P International Day of Peace event security, infrastructure, scenes, renting... ; logistic fees for the staff.)


More information on our total budget (25400 €):


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