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Project Summary :
To arrange famous film soundtracks for a jazz quartet.

Le projet en détails
             The theme for the repertoire of the album is film soundtracks. But to make the game more interesting, we have chosen music that has as little ressemblance to jazz as possible; the challenge being to arrange swing versions of themes such as Star Wars, Titanic or Indiana Jones as well as some famous french cinema themes like “Le Gendarme de St Tropez” or “La Boum”.  As far as we know, none of these movie themes have been interpreted by jazz musicians.

When Swinging Affair fait sa B.O (create their original soundtrack)they imagine Darth Vador meeting up with Duke Ellington at the Cotton Club or Sophie Marceau swaying to a bossa nova with Antonio Carlos Jobim on a beach in Brazil!

These improbable scenarios create the perfect platform for the possibilities that jazz music and the talent of the group “Swinging Affair” propose. Olivier Defays : sax, Philippe Chagne : sax, Philippe Petit : hammond organ et Sylvain Glévarec : drums


1) STAR WARS                                                                      (John Williams)

2) DUCK YOU SUCKER                                                       (Ennio Morricone)


4) LE GENDARME DE ST-TROPEZ                                   (Raymond Lefèvre)

5) LES CHOSES DE LA VIE                                                   (Philippe Sarde)

6) RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARC                                          (John Williams)

7) LA BOUM                                                                           (Vladimir Cosma)

8) THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN                                                  (Elmer Bernstein)

9) NINO ROTA MEDLEY                                                    (Nino Rota)

10) TITANIC                                                                          (James Horner)

11) LE VIEUX FUSIL                                                             (François de Roubaix)

12) THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY                         (Ennio Morricone)

13) THE GODFATHER                                                                  (Nino Rota) 

All interspersed with jingles from the music from Tontons Flingueurs (ex : Tonton from Ipanema, Tonton Bop, Tonton Bayou,.....)





Waar dient de collecte voor

During a concert last summer, we were talking about the situation in which we’d probably find ourselves in September 2021, that’s to say… with a severe lack of concerts!...  We decided to stay positive, and to use this strange period to create a new repertoire and to work towards recording a new album.  That is why we are requesting your help to bring this project to fruition. Your donations will contribute to the various facets of producing the album:

The recording studio (recording, mix and mastering)

Photographer and graphic artist for the CD cover and booklet.

The production of a vidéo clip which will help us to promote the album and the quartet – we have aproached George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, but for the moment we’ve had no answer… the must feel intimitaded ;-)

If your interest and generosity help us reach our goal, this crowd funding will cover the majority of those costs, if its goes over we will be able to invest more in marketing and publicity which as you can imagine is of optimal importance in the succes of a recording.

We envisage the album release in autome or winter of next year (Europe) and contributors will receive their CD’s as soon as it is available (“en avant-premier”!)

Our sincerest thanks for your support and generosity.

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