Synopsys - Album 2016

Synopsys is calling for your support to produce their first album which will be released in the first half of 2016.

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Synopsys - Album 2016

We currently have almost the album written in full and have already started the recording process. Please help us fund this project by choosing one of the rewards from the list on the right of this text.


This new album will be released on CD, vinyl formats and will be combined to a Video. We are aiming at producing a very contemplative short film that will be offered to download in high definition by all contributors who have participated to this support campaign.


" Some things can't be explained… To understand Synopsys you must listen to their music, feel the pictures, capture the quiet and sustain heaviness. Those atmospheres build themselves on a paradox, shadow & light, the infinitely big & the infinitely small, things to say that we cannot say, the balance & the fall.These unavoidable meetings are translated into as captivating as lightning sounds... "




2012 - self-titled demo - SYNOPSYS

2013 - Live video @ Passengers du Zinc – Avignon (FR)

2014 - EP - TIMELESS

2015 – Music video - RED STARS





"Between fantasy and felted abrasive post-metal-hardcore harshness (" Red Star "), the band puts the bar high and imposes its musical claw without missing a shot. Emotional impressions fly high as the Frenchies knew perfectly how to manage their musical progression on the inaugural title before afford more eruptive crescendos. Taking into account the presences, additional instrumentations, referring to Isis, Pelican or Russian Circles, the songs resonate and feel inhabited discreetly with omnipresent samples, demonstrating precise crafts and creations of pure emotions, ranging from brutal, déflagratrice waves, to more restrained overtones ( for instance on "We-have still the sun"). Climax occurs on songs like "Naïve" before the final assaults, wild and over-saturated on "Drops of fire". In only 4 tracks, Synopsys exhibits all its talent through the speakers, managing to find a subtle but vibrant balance between personal ambitions and assumed legacy with narrative exalted ambitions. Superb"


The Orelio -






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We will pay the registration fee. Indeed our resources being limited, we want to appeal to you to help us finance the production of CD, Vinyl and T-shirts. The total cost of making all this will be up to €3,500 , but as a precaution we ask for €1,700. Please do not stop donating even if the amount requested is reached!


We will use the donations for :


- CDs production - 1000 €

- Vinyls - 1900 €

- Screen printing of T-Shirt - 300 €

- Merchandising production - 300 €


In-excess donations will be used to fund our new album promotional tour, should total contributions go above the intially set target. This way we will have better chances of meeting you individually on the road.



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