Tales From Planet 9 - Cobra Fantastic's first EP !

Help Cobra Fantastic liquefy the minds of the human race and funkabopulate planet Earth with their secret weapon : a new EP!!!

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Tales From Planet 9 - Cobra Fantastic's first EP !

<p>Who would have guessed that the baddest, hippest, funkiest players in all of Paris were actually members of an alien race bent on world domination? After years of honing their skills, writing sick tunes, and blending (almost) perfectly with the human population, the intrepid band of funkateers known as Cobra Fantastic are reunited at last, and Planet Earth will never be the same again.</p> <p>But this Zappa-meets-P-Funk-meets-Sun-Ra monster robot groove machine needs your help! Stranded far from their home planet 9, these fearless&nbsp;funkateers need real Earth currency to complete their secret weapon : their new EP, &quot;Tales From Planet 9&quot;!</p> <p><img alt="" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/576083/Cobra_Fantastic_comp2-1551862917.jpg" width="100%" /></p> <p>Contribute to their cause and help funkabopulate planet Earth! Exchange your dollars or euros or yen for intergalactic grooves! Special gifts! T-shirts! Hats! And more!!!</p> <p>Act now! Before it&#39;s too late! Your planet&#39;s intergalactic funkitude hangs in the balance...</p> <p><img alt="" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/576084/Cobra_Fantasic_comp5-1551862942.jpg" width="100%" /></p> <p>Meet the musicians :&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Big Daddy Fantastic</strong> (aka David Garlitz; guitar &amp; vocals) - originally implanted into the human population on the East Coast of the United States, Big Daddy made his way to the City of Lights via stints in Philadelphia, PA, and Havana, Cuba, learning all he could along the way about the multiplicities of human rhythmic tendencies.</p> <p><strong>AliSunshine Fantastic</strong> (aka Alison Young; vocals) - AliSunshine began her earthly adventures in the city of New Orleans, where she shared the stages of the New Orleans Jazz &amp; Heritage Festival and legendary venues like the Maple Leaf Bar and Tipitina&rsquo;s with many an unsuspecting human musician. In addition to her duties with Cobra Fantastic, she continues her interplanetary collaborations at the helm of Alison Young &amp; son orchestre sublime.</p> <p><strong>Saralicious Fantastic</strong> (aka Sarah-Lane Roberts; vocals) - landing close to the epicentre of the funkabopulation, in the Parisian suburb of Villiers-sur-Marne, Saralicious lost no time infiltrating the local human population. A founding member of Ma Caille and a member of the original cast of Un Ete 44, she continues her life among the human population as half of the alt-folk duo Ben &amp; Slane.</p> <p><strong>The Fantastic Merrywoodweatherson</strong> (aka Josiah Woodson; trumpet) - after acquiring what Earthlings call &ldquo;music degrees&rdquo; from Oberlin and New England Conservatories, The Fantastic MWW collaborated with countless human musicians, including Beyonc&eacute; Knowles, David Sanchez, and Danilo Perez, before heeding the call from the High Command of Planet 9.</p> <p><strong>Prezident Fantastic</strong> (aka David Prez; tenor sax) - having liquefied the minds of the humans around Lyon, France, Prezident Fantastic went on to share the stage with the likes of David Liebman, Keziah Jones, and Pierre de Bethman, among others. A regular performer at many festivals around the Earth continent known as &ldquo;Europe,&rdquo; &ldquo;David Prez&rdquo; (as he is known among humans) has released three albums for Fresh Sounds New Talent and A.P.O. Records.</p> <p><strong>Matyas Fantasticus</strong> (aka Matyas Szandai; bass) - as he made his way from Budapest, where he first entered Earth&rsquo;s atmosphere, to rejoin his comrades from the Planet 9, Matyas Fantasticus mastered the art of what humans would call &ldquo;badass bass lines.&rdquo; Having collaborated along the way with the likes of Chris Potter and Kurt Rosenwinkel, Fantasticus also maintains intergalactic relations with other extra-terrestrial musicians such as Archie Shepp.</p> <p><strong>Karlos El Fant&aacute;stico</strong> (aka Karl Jannuska; drums) - the backbone of the Cobra Fantastic rhythm section was assimilated into the human population in the province of Manitoba, Canada. Arriving in Paris by way of Montreal, New Orleans, and Brooklyn, Karlos&rsquo; serpentine grooves continue to entice human musicians - he remains active in over a dozen groups and collaborations around the galaxy, including some with Lionel Loueke, Brad Mehldau, and his own groups Midseason and The Watershed.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>Seriously, folks...</p> <p>Making a record costs money, no matter what galaxy you&#39;re from or what superhuman powers of funkabopulation you posess.&nbsp;</p> <p>Your contributions will help cover the costs of&nbsp;the&nbsp;recording studio, the mixing and mastering process, the musicians (yeah, they get paid too!), and <em>some&nbsp;</em>of the costs of promoting the EP once it&#39;s released.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>


Digital download


  • 25 contributions
Get "Tales From Planet 9" in the form of studio-quality .wav or .mp3 files, downloaded directly to your computer, and proceed to liquefy your mind! What's more, you'll receive your download link BEFORE the rest of the human population - yeah, baby!

Estimated delivery: May 2019

Official Poster


  • 2 contributions
A stylish addition to any home in the galaxy. Autographed upon request.

Estimated delivery: May 2019

Physical CD + Download


  • 19 contributions
Get your very own limited pressing CD of "Tales From Planet 9," autographed by Big Daddy Fantastic himself and mailed to your door PLUS an HD download in .wav or .mp3 format.

Estimated delivery: May 2019

Classic T-Shirt


  • 18 contributions
The original Cobra Fantastic logo t-shirt, available in Photon Green, Abyss Black, and new Scorched Earth.

Estimated delivery: May 2019

TFP9 T-Shirt


  • 3 contributions
The official "Tales From Planet 9" EP T-shirt! Available in all sizes, quantities limited.

Estimated delivery: May 2019

Cobra Fantastic New Era Cap


  • 1 contribution
OMG! Cobra Fantastic caps! Get yours in old-school mesh or in a snappy flat-brimmed snap-back. *NOTE : Delivery on the caps may run behind schedule, due to high volume at the factory. Be patient - it will be worth the wait!

Estimated delivery: June 2019

Cobra Fantastic Songbook


The official Cobra Fantastic Songbook, with lyrics and complete chord charts for all your favorite intergalactic grooves, including "Funkabopulation," "Teenage Space Invader," "Daddy's Big Night," and "Young Bloods, Green Beans, and Spring Chickens."

Funkateer Combo Pack


  • 12 contributions
Perfect for the die-hard Cobra Fantastic funkateer! Includes a high-quality download of the EP, an autographed physical CD, and a t-shirt (classic or TFP9), PLUS some intergalactic swag : funky gold sunglasses and 5 Cobra Fantastic stickers. Ooooh, yeah!

Hand-stenciled Gold T-Shirt


  • 1 contribution
Just like the one that Big Daddy Fantastic wears on stage! This hand stenciled and cut metallic gold vinyl logo can be applied to the t-shirt of your choice - just tell us what size and color and we'll take care of the rest! Watch out, though : quantities are extremely limited for this custom item - don't sleep on it!

Estimated delivery: June 2019

Intergalactic Funk-O-Naut Combo Pack


  • 2 contributions
Fully equip yourself for life as an intergalactic funk-o-naut : 2 t-shirts (classic or TFP9), a high-quality download of the EP, and an autographed physical CD, PLUS those snazzy gold sunglasses, and 5 stickers.

Denizen of Funkitude Combo Pack


Take your interplanetary funksmanship to the next level! This combo pack includes 2 t-shirts (classic or TFP9), an autographed CD, an autograped poster, and a HD download, PLUS 5 stickers, and let's not forget those oh-so-groovy gold sunglasses!

Estimated delivery: May 2019

Total Funkabopulation Combo Pack


  • 1 contribution
Leave your former self behind and submit your mind to the Funkabopulation! This pack includes 2 t-shirts (classic or TFP9), a Cobra Fantastic embroidered New Era cap, an autographed CD, an HD download, and, of course, a set of 5 stickers and those fantastic sunglasses!

The Mothership Connection - skype lesson/Q&A with Big Daddy


Sit down with Big Daddy over Skype and talk shop - whether it's guitar playing, songwriting, arranging, improvising, or inter-dimensional quantum mechanics, Big Daddy is happy help!

Visit Planet 9 : attend a rehearsal + skype + total funkabopulation


  • 2 contributions
Your VIP pass to the inner sanctum of the Cobra Fantastic High Command : you get a skype lesson & Q&A with Big Daddy, all the contents of the Total Funkabopulation Combo Pack, PLUS attend a rehearsal with the full band before their CD release party on June 14th! *NOTE : Travel to Paris not included ;-)

Private Concert : Intergalactic Power Trio


  • 2 contributions
Want to throw a party of intergalactic proportions? Bring in the Cobra Fantastic rhythm section and let the funkabopulation begin!!! (Travel costs from Paris not included)

Private Concert : Cobra Fantastic


Blow the roof off of your next party or special event with the full Cobra Fantastic band! You'll never be the same again!!! (Travel costs from Paris not included)

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