Teksturas - Cityguide Créatif

Be part of Teksturas' launch, the new creative personalized cityguides through a collaborative web platform!

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Teksturas - Cityguide Créatif




Teksturas it's new.

This is an original concept: A creative personalized cityguide through a collaborative web platform.


Much more than sharing good addresses, this online platform, Teksturas is for and thrives on a curious and creative mindset within the urban experiences context. Engaging the senses, seeking out and finding special gems, new talents, new ways of living, telling original stories and building relationships along the way.



The platform is easy to access, use and navigate

1 Explore-  with keyword link and advanced search engines

2 Share - heart (like) / favourite (save) online and in everyday life

3 Create - forming your own address books and stories intuitively


Teksturas are address books with unique stories, lovingly prepared and shared by and for all.




"Find and share the best places"


according to your own affinities and tastes, you can find your way to anything in the wide ranging existing categories (graphics, vegetarian, crazy about cycling, with child, electro ...) own style or mood (unexpected, collaborative, DIY, party animal, work addict …) for yourself! For your friends! For your communities! For the fun-loving and curious!


And it works from your doorstep to the other end of the continent to build, store and retrieve your plans for the next city break, the festival tour or moves!


“Tried and tested by like minded people”


You can do a search by category, or connect to profiles that suit you in another city and you discover: Rare vinyls in Amsterdam, favourite co working places in Lyon, photography workshops in Berlin, the best places to enjoy aperitifs along Milan’s canals ... coming to you as they would from a friend.


 “Exchange original stories”


Bring and tell new and original stories with visuals, images, add text and subtitles, Teksturas enables the sharing of stories, anecdotes, encounters, experiences, recommendations, events ....


                        - - - - - - - - - - - 


By the way, what does Teksturas mean? 

 It is texture a word that gives us multiple meanings

 -The feel, appearance, or consistency of something

- The character or appearance as determined by the arrangement

 - A closely knit symphonic texture and the thread that weaves and holds things together.


                      - - - - - - - - - - - - 


 We want to become a social network that disseminates and functions as a distributor of individual and collective creativity.


The adventure starts here! Teksturas seeks to encourage real and virtual online web exchanges, to support the discovery and rediscovery of local resources and initiatives. You could try a new look, exchange ideas and experiences, broaden your horizons. Each month a city will be in the spotlight, featuring talents, independent places, portraits, local initiatives …


For this, we rely on you! With you, we would discover unexpected places, inventive and endearing personalities. With you, we want to take advantage of stolen moments of good mood and memory, poetry, fun found in or from home across the other end of the continent.


So if you like the project ... Join us and support us!


Enter the CHALLENGE !!


Participate in the development of the platform with us!

Become beta testers!

Create an Address Book or share your most original stories with the launch PACK CHALLENGE!


At the end -you could win- 1 photo and a return airline ticket in Europe!

The conditions of participation are sent by email to contributors, online on our website by exclusive private access to the “privileged" friends of Teksturas who enter the challenged and broadcast on our social networking accounts during the campaign.


We are doing all our best to prepare a delicious website!







Waar dient de collecte voor

We need you !


After several years in the making, the platform comes to life thanks to Tekstur'amis and a great team who invested passionately in designing, shaping and giving rise to the platform.


We are already well advanced with concrete achievements in place, €20000 costs and a private beta version and we need you for the launch of our public version:


                                            The Calendar


We have made good progress and concrete achievements have been made over the calendar year:


January 2015 - May 2016

- Visual identity and Branding

- Models and modelling

- Editorial Charters

- Development of pilot beta (back office, front office, personal space, forms, search engines, social networks)

- Content and Process management


June-September 2016

The team has been working passionately to conceive a model, develop the platform to give it birth. It is currently in private beta version, but we need support to finalize an online public beta, web platform.

-  Research support Kisskissbankbank

- Development of public beta

- Engaging with the community (passionate, curious, beta testers, ambassadors ...)


                                           Economic model


Our business model is freemium, with free access for all, developed as a personal public profile and modelled for easy reading. Subscriptions and premium services with non-intrusive sponsor partners will also operate on the platform. The more we generate quality partnerships, the more we can offer you real creative and innovative content and services.


                                            Goal 1


Passionate and very committed, we need your support for the launch of the public version:


Our pilot version is now functional, it has yet to be finalised and tested to become public and and accessible. Thanks to your support and participation we will be able to update and finalise it. 

- 2000€ Ergonomics

- 1000€ mapping

- 500€ multilingual content

- 1500€ Management of Tests 


Thanks to this campaign and goal we will be able to implement functions for communities, talented profile, ambassadors and partners at a european level. Please to contact us if you are interested to be partner welcome@teksturas.com


This goal achieved allow us to give access to  the platform, ambitious although realist and accessible fairly quickly in multiple languages, enabling real exchanges from Berlin to Bologna from Barcelona to Belgrade; and a happy team in the best conditions to share with you this beautiful energy and this exciting adventure ....

All support, financial contributions and of course also all your encouragement, and good will are welcome!



Olivier and Thomas of the Lumento Films for our beautiful video.


For their radiant presence during the filming Boubacar, Pilar, Hassna, Blanka, Helga, Franck, Anne, Clara, thank you. A thank you to Annemarie, of Gepetto Bike, and Cyril Selon votre nature, Antoine Café Curious, Tea Lichou, Librairie Galerie Louis Rozen for welcoming us to their venues.


Thank you to Reale and her sweet new place! 


Thank you Alexis, and Rie Fidésio for having accompanied our first steps and to Pixel Advocat and at Cabinet BMS. Also thank you to friends and Tekstur'amis Camille, Eva, Benjamin, Julian, Amelia, Agnes, Anne, Delphine, Grace, Ariel, Florian, Pascal, Gwenaelle, Thierry, Carine, Audrey, Valerie, Axelle, Dorothy and thank you to all wonderful people who joined us for ... And to those who will join us soon! We look forward to meeting you!



Kies je beloning


NICE THANK YOU! Our warmest thanks, virtual hugs, kisses and a great photo autographed by the team
  • 2 backers
  • Geschatte levering oktober 2016


COOL THANK YOU! previous reward 5 virtual cards and your name featured on our social network posts
  • 4 backers
  • Geschatte levering oktober 2016


FRIEND THANK YOU! previous rewards + a beautiful tote bag with Teksturas logo + privileged access to the private beta
  • 24 backers
  • Geschatte levering oktober 2016


THE CHALLENGE - THANK YOU! previous rewards + bonus making of our achievements and anecdotes + 2 cityguides books with valuable addresses + A TICKET TO ENTER in the challenge for “privileged" friends !
  • 8 backers
  • Geschatte levering oktober 2016


GREAT PACK THANK YOU! a nice shirt to Teksturas logo + your name featured on the Tesksturas Amis Page and a free subscription for a year for privileged access on the platform.
  • 4 backers
  • Geschatte levering oktober 2016


MEETUP THANK YOU! previous rewards + exclusive invitation to the launch party (Paris without transport) + meeting with a member of the team or partners. (For the first 30 only!)
  • 1 backer
  • Beschikbaarheid: 19/20
  • Geschatte levering oktober 2016


PASSIONATE THANK YOU! previous rewards + invitation to partner event + photo tutorial.
  • 1 backer
  • Geschatte levering oktober 2016


TALENT THANK YOU! previous rewards + box Teksturas (subscription to a cultural magazine + access to a cultural event for free)
  • 2 backers
  • Beschikbaarheid: 48/50
  • Geschatte levering oktober 2016


EXPERT THANK YOU! previous rewards + Professional subscription (top 30) + artistic or corporate portrait by a professional in Paris
  • Beschikbaarheid: 30/30
  • Geschatte levering oktober 2016


VIP THANK YOU! previous rewards + day with the photography team (not sure what you mean here) and dinner
  • 1 backer
  • Geschatte levering oktober 2016


PREMIUM THANK YOU! + previous rewards individual coaching from 2 days to the completion of a project (both creative and mobile) in Europe: Options: Project management - Editing content or Research, English translation - Research partners + linking with European partners
  • Geschatte levering oktober 2016


SPONSORS THANK YOU! previous rewards + mention of the name + logo on the launch page dedicated portrait + "corporate or artistic" by professional photographer of an action or project (transport not included)
  • Geschatte levering oktober 2016

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