Production of the 10th and last video of The Burger Girl . The shooting of the video will be opened to the generous supporters.


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The Burger Girl is a musical and video project around the work of Benjamin Dukhan multidisciplinary artist, singer, dancer, performance artist, model.

Benjamin Dukhan has worked in contemporary dance for 8 years in France and abroad. He toured with a   dance performance in parisian apartments for two years, which was seen by over 1000 spectators and was covered by press such as France Inter. Benjamin was also a model and muse Jean Paul Gaultier. Today, through social networking, the Burger Girl project  and Benjamin gather thousands of followers.




Today, the Burger Girl Channel on YouTube displays 9 videos with total views of about 100'000 . The Burger Girl was born in October, 2010 and in addition to its 9 videos has toured inabout twenty live dates in Europe (Berlin, Madrid, Buccarest, Milan, Bologna, Athens, Leipzig) mostly in the underground queer scene.

All videos and songs are available on the site





The Burger Girl has been a self-financed project supported by small independent label Cool Cat. KissKissBank Bank is an incredible opportunity to gather our followers around our project of producing one more video and to allow all those who appreciated our work to support us directly.  The next video will illustrate the new song Vogue Positive. Our goal is to gather around Benjamin a team of dancers and stylists for the production of the clip which will take the shape of a dance battle with a Burger Girl touch.









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Hier dient het geld voor...


The funds will be used to produce the video of the song Vogue Positive which will gather Voguing dancers and all my usual film unit. For the shooting, we will organize a Ball in the tradition of New York Voguing Balls. You will have the possibility of participating in the shooting of the video. This video will be the last one in the first series of video clips by the Burger Girl project,  which will lead to the production of the DVD intended for sale to our fan.




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The Burger Girl

Benjamin Dukhan is a multidisciplinary artist. He works since 2006 together with dance companies in France and in Europe. He creates two soloes of dance which he shows in apartment in Paris. This is the way he meets various actors of the parisian art scene . He also works with Francois Chaignaud with he goes up several performances to the around... Meer bekijken

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"Cause you're worth it" !
"Cause you're worth it" !
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