"The Downtown Merrylegs" debut album!

"Help The Downtown Merrylegs release their debut album"

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"The Downtown Merrylegs" debut album!

The Downtown Merrylegs is a folk/rock band based in Paris, whose members originate from England, Ireland, Australia and France.


Their original songs draw on the considerable songwriting talents of frontman Charlie Seymour. Musically, the songs are brought to life with acoustic and electric guitars, violin, mandolin, bass and drums.


In 2012 The Downtown Merrylegs released their six-track EP "Songs for the Seine", which received critical acclaim from music journalists and professionals around the world:



“This is an album to savour, to listen to over and again and to drift away in the sound, it’s one for sundrenched days and cloudy nights. It’s one that you will love, just for the sound, just for the soul”.


--- Adrian Bloxham in louderthanwar.com


"Charlie's rough-edged voice well suits these distinctly Gallic folk-rock chansons de la vie Parisienne. As raconteur he weaves lazily literate tales, lyrics that are listenable and interesting."


--- Nick Toczek in R2 Rock'n' Reel magazine.


“I'm three songs in and loving it. Right in my wheelhouse.... I hear some rootsy early Americana meets Paul Weller... honest, soulful, subtle, powerful and melodic."


--- Brian Charles. Record Producer, engineer and musician.



You can listen to some of the tracks from the EP at either:







...and here's a music video for the track "Kallithea Girl" from that EP:




Since then Charlie has been busy writing loads of great new material, and we are now ready to record our debut full-length album. The twelve original songs we've chosen for the album have already proven to be big hits during our live performances.

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We're really excited about this album - we're proud of the new material that we've been working on, and based on the reaction we've been getting at our live shows, we're confident that you'll like it too. We just need a bit of help to get us across the line financially.


That's where you come in!


We've financed the first stages of the recording process ourselves and the money we're hoping to raise here will be used to finish the rest of the recordings and to mix the album (which will cost 3000 euros), then graphics for the CD cover and the manufacturing of the disc (1000 euros).  


As you can see, there are quite a few steps that need to be financed but with your help - we can do it!

If we manage to raise more than our target of 4000 euros, the extra money will go towards mastering and then promoting the album. 


Thank you again for your support and see you soon! 


Charlie & The Downtown Merrylegs.




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