The Mogs Need You !

The Mogs asks for your support for the release of their new EP

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The Mogs Need You !

We created our group in early 2017, a power trio made up of Paul, lead guitar and vocals, Lulu on the bass and Felix on drums. 

Our demo came out in May 2017 and our first EP “Shout” in February 2018. 

Our second  EP “We are the Mogs” will be released in September 2019, recorded and edited at Anatole Studio in lyon. 

Since we are self produced , we are asking for financial support for various expenses including the master, pressing the vinyl, promos, merch, clips, etc ... We have contributed our own money but we need some help to reach our goal of 2200€

To thank you for your generosity, the donators will be able to preorder the EP and merch

And we promise you’ll get a real French bisous if you come to one of the shows on our future promo tour. 

Let There Be Rock ! 

We Are The Mogs


Waar dient de collecte voor

Firstly :

  • Mastering
  • Pressing
  • Promotion
  • Merchandising
  • KissKissBankBank Fees

If the goal is achieved the rest of the fundraising will fund :

  • Clips
  • Financing residences
  • Tour costs

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