The Taste of The Brain in Brno Design Biennial 2016

The Taste of The Brain is a project of food & design. How food creates new connections between people? How the stories continue beyond the table?

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The Taste of The Brain in Brno Design Biennial 2016

We appreciate every eating moment with family and friends. We love good food with wine, and the all the life stories are told on the table.



















Here, we go :




In 2015, The Taste of The Brain was created by 3 design schools in Switzerland: Academy of Art and Design FHNW Basel, Geneva University of Art and Design and Zurich University of the Arts. In the context of Milan EXPO 2015 topic «feeding the planet – energy for life.»  During 4 months we met Swiss farmers, scientists, artists, cooks, activists and food startup entrepreneurs who shared their knowledge and beliefs in food. As designers, we learned from experts with different aspects of food, and brought all the ideas onto dinner table. On June 4th 2015 the transdisciplinary experiences of the workshop were passed on to a group of international guests during a very special dinner at Centro Svizzero in Milan





This year, the second version of The Taste of The Brain will take part at the Brno biennial 2016 in Czech Republic. ​From Mid-June to the end of October, three designers from Geneva and London are going to organise of a design performance in the format of meals.  As well as a moment of sharing, we invite 100 people, half from public and half are designers and design theorists. We want to create a dialog between the public and the professionals through meals. It will not just the conversation through words but through objects. Although food is the most important content on the table, we still adore very much the landscape of the meal which contain the importable objects: tablewares. We question about how could we bring personal stories through tablewares and how could we elevate the value of tools of eating on the dinning table.






Therefore within the context of Bienale of Design, we transform the exhibition room into a cafeteria, which is served to the selected participants. In the format of « buffet » where it’s possible to provide delicious food and tools for making ceramic. In the session of June, the performance will be divided into 2 parts, one for the breakfast and one for the lunch. The idea is to have conversation between designers and public through ceramic work. The ceramic work will start with the public at the breakfast time and to have the possibility to follow up and to do an evolutive intervention by a designer later during the lunch. In total four meals, the guests are going to eat and to work in the corridor of the gallery. After these events, over 50 ceramic pieces will be made and be exhibited in Moravian Gallery during 4 months.






















This project is an experimental design performance. But after the project, we would like to gather the stories from the public and the designers into the special book edition, which will travel with the collection of ceramic work in different cities in Europe.























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This contribution will help us for :


_We are going to transport to Czech Republic some Swiss local food but also ceramic pieces, made last year in Bern, Basel, Zurich, Geneva and Milano, but also the ones than we are doing, from the beginning of 2016, in ceramic workshop in Geneva. We are going to stay during 17 days in Brno for all the organisation of the event, and the two time-period during the 5 months ( June and September included).

Estimated budget : Transportation and accommodation : 600 euros



_As The Taste of The Brain's way of doing, we are going to buy some local food in Czech Republic. Also, a Czech Republic chief is going to help us for the menu and the preparation.

Estimated budget : Food : 500 euros



_We are going to build all the displays for the scenography in Brno; we will design our pieces straight in the workshops and the cities where we are going to visit. Sharing the way of designing as considering food between differents cultural landscapes is the most important thing for our team. We are going to design a huge table able to welcome 100 guest, some shelves planed for exhibit ceramic pieces, ceramic' tools,... 

Estimated budget : Scenography : 600 euros



_We are currently working on the communication of The Taste of The Brain 2. Here are some exemples than we are covering by ourself right now : prints, paper, stickers, packagings, ...

During the four months of Biennale, we are going to shoot all the participants with their own piece made; each  portraits is going to be print and exhibit as a postcard into our scenography.

Estimated budget : Communication : 300 euros



_After the Biennale, we are going to bring back all the ceramic pieces to Geneva for our exhibition that are going to take place at the end of 2016/ beginning of 2017. We are going to publish a book with some differents designers' recipes, pictures of their personal tablewares,...  From beginning of 2016, we used to collect all of these informations. The opening of the exhibition is going to launch our book.

Estimated budget : Book and Exhibition : 2.500 euros



Your contribution will not only help us for all these technical problems, but also support our ideas to bring design and food together, and to discover the blurry line between design and performance in Europe and abroad.








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