Tocxic Instruments - pour un plaisir de jeu immédiat

Help musicians constrained by time to live their passion at any time! Tocxic launches an innovative guitar faster to use

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Tocxic Instruments - pour un plaisir de jeu immédiat



- Wireless connectivity,

- Integrated strap system,

- Customizable elements  




It's in the end of 2013 that Tocxic Instruments was born, based on the observation that some musicians lacked time to practice their favorite instrument. It's true that the set up of an electric guitar is long and complicated (many cables to untangle and to plug, twisted strap, tuning, etc.).


On this idea of easing the use of the electric guitar, we embarked on the adventure and the creation of a new musical instrument brand. Soon the two founders join expertise in electronics, mechanics and instrument making and imagine technical solutions to be tested. This is confirmed, Tocxic will be the brand that offers solutions for faster use to allow musicians to play more often.


No more hassle to connect the guitar to an amp or put the strap on the guitar!


Naturally, this brand will address guitar players of all levels, whether professional or amateur. All those who limit themselves to play acoustic guitar because it is immediately available.


Early 2014: The AXIOMA


During 2014, with the help of a manufacturer-prototypist we developed and validated in our secret laboratory and workshop a guitar that offers integrated functions (wireless module) and integrated strap (furling system) that will let you spare time! Its design is still conventional, while differing from the classic Stratocaster or Les Paul. This took more than a year of work.






At mid-year, while continuing the works of research and development, we launched a design competition to devise a form of modern guitar in the Rock 'n Roll style. The goal is to translate the spirit of the brand, a different guitar which invites to play at any time. Thus was born the ALTERATIO, the new model that suggests breaking rules, and difference. Therefore we now have two products to appeal to the greatest number.


On this occasion the team is growing with a designer, because the opportunity is too good to shake this little world of instruments manufacture.



In this idea to propose a strong identity, the guitar grip areas (the Horns as we call them at Tocxic \m/ ...) are replaceable and highly customizable. The colors and materials vary in configurations studied by Tocxic, offering a guitar that corresponds to the desires of each client. The upgrading can be done through the use of noble materials covering the removable parts. For example, the use of leather or other natural materials allows almost limitless customization.


Some examples of possible customizations:


Horns in woven linen fibers


Horns in blue leather


Wht-ma-blu-1422405400Horns in red leather



 Yellow Relic + Horns in woven Linen fiber


Everything is ready to move to the next step: produce a pre-series and start a business. That is why we are launching this Crowdfunding campaign.




If you buy a guitar in COUNTERPARTS, the shipping cost will be extra. (We could have integrated it into the sales price but the shipping costs vary greatly depending on the destinations and we like it to be fair).

To Metropolitan France: 25 € To the EU: 30 € To Eastern Europe: 60 € To the overseas territories: 75 € To the USA, Canada and Mexico: 95 € To the rest of the world: 120 €

Waar dient de collecte voor

We hope this campaign to raise a capital of € 4,000 on three main items:


- The production of a pre-series: purchase of wood & components up to € 2,000,


- The brand's marketing launch: Advertising & website up to 1000 €,


- The acquisition of equipment to continue our research and development: pro soldering equipment, band saw up to € 1,000.


If you help us beyond that goal, up to € 9,000:


We would devote € 2,000 to go further in the development of solutions to facilitate the usage (Cloud connectivity, monitoring, integrated effects, etc.)


We would also devote € 3,000 to participate in Musicmesse or other musical instruments trade show to present our concept and our products.


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