TOTEMS, ils incarnent un peuple !

Help us finance the first publication and embark with us on the TOTEMS adventure !

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TOTEMS, ils incarnent un peuple !

To all of you kissbankers who enjoy travelling, the Ateliers Henry Dougier team welcomes you to an intense and surprising adventure. To all those who cannot stand hearing the same preconceptions over and over, we say "let's break them together, shall we?"


A year ago, Henry Dougier, founder of the Autrement publishing house, launched a new editorial venture : the Ateliers. Two collections and 19 books later, the Ateliers are back with a strong original project. 





Our Lignes de Vie d'un Peuple (People's lifelines) collection had you explore the world, meet Ukrainians, Icelanders, Brazilians, Armenians... From one encounter to another, we eventually developed the idea of a wide book that would make you travel across the world. Are you thinking of an encyclopedia? Not quite. The Ateliers remain eager to know the people : we'll have you meet surprising characters whose paths, however unlikely, are quite symbolical of their countries' history... 




To all of you "Indiana-Jonesian" and "Sydney-Foxian" kissbankers, get ready for some gifts ! This first book had us travel across 15 countries, experience 15 different climates and stand in awe before 15 landscape ensembles. We are keen to tell you all about it and have you vibrate as we did. 


TOTEMS will have you read something new. Sort of like your grandmother's dishes, you'll never find this anywhere else. The reason is simple : TOTEMS' main object is rarely present in works which tackle the world's people. History, you'll have no trouble reading about. The same goes for economics, art, food and any other tangible aspect of a culture. Yet one piece is missing : you have yet to discover the people underneath the picture. 





Travelling for the mere sake of meeting people remains quite rare a thing. Museums, landscapes, the sun, all of this is great. But what is more present in our lives than people ? Nothing. Why, the, should they be missing from our subject of interest ? Because we fail to see them ? Fair enough : TOTEMS means to restore our eyesight. It is now up to you ! 




Illustrations : Gianpaolo Pagni


Waar dient de collecte voor

The fundraising effort will finance the conception of the first book and it will allow us to print the 1 000 first copies




These 6 000€ will therefore allow us to get started on this ambitious journey. 


Early birds, rise up ! The first 15 contributors are entitled to the next donation level's counterparts. 


If your generosity came to over exceed our 6000€ hopes, the donations would be used to print more copies and to create TOTEMS' second book, which our teams are already working on. 


Thank you for your interest in our project, and for your potential generosity ! 

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